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Posted by davidjensen | Jul 16, 2016 @ 11:48 PM | 11,388 Views
The latest and greatest thing is IOM racing here in the PNW. Its a blast with racing every other weekend at local lakes or every Sunday up north near Deception Pass. The IOM stands for International One Meter and the hulls are one meter long. They are the thoroughbred race horses of the RC sailboat fleets. We get 15 to 30 boats attending the regattas and then we all go and have a beer afterwards....Continue Reading
Posted by davidjensen | Mar 10, 2013 @ 08:23 PM | 16,812 Views
This is the other passion within RC that I can't get enough of. Unfortunately I only get a half a dozen times a year to fly my scalies. Aerotowing is like no other RC experience. The dance between the two pilots is always fun and sometimes very exciting. Thermaling large heavy fast scale ships is too much fun. Get them on a good slope and with the range they have exploring new flight areas like way over there are possible. After a release from 1500+ AGL from a tug they can cover ground like no other RC ships.


Posted by davidjensen | Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:04 PM | 16,140 Views
What can I say, DLG's are the most hypnotic exercise unit that exists in remote control flight. Going out for a few hours is very much like playing 9+ holes of bad golf (too many swings).

I have been flying RC since 1988 when I flew power sport planes and migrated to Pattern competition. After I realized the only way to really get onto the podium was to spend big bucks for the newest equipment so I migrated to more expensive RC toys, Heli's.

I flew them for over 8 years and thrived on the adrenalin they produced. Nothing like ending a flight with your hands shaking.

I started flying slope and really got hooked on sailplanes and then started TD flying until again I realized that I had to pay the big bucks for the latest airframes to really compete so again I migrated to even more expensive RC toys.

I got me a 4M ASW 28 and got hooked on Scale Sailplanes. Aerotowing is more fun than any 3D hovering or even a blender. The pinnacle was flying the 28 on the downwind leg setting up for landing. On the first 90 degree turn to final I saw a bump. I was about 80+' altitude and 300 feet down wind of the runway and I started to circle and 10 minutes later I was over 1000'. The ASW 28 weighs in at 14 lbs with a wing loading of almost 29 in/oz. Needless to say I was hooked.

I got into DLG's in the early years (2006) but I could not afford to continue that but have again picked it up last year. I'm totally hooked.

So now I fly Slope, Scale and DLG's with the DLG's consuming well over 80% of my flying.