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Posted by j4ck4 | Aug 09, 2016 @ 10:00 PM | 15,023 Views
I went by one of our club members house yesterday to see about getting some hard balsa for some ailerons and some elevon's, ended up as we went through his boxes of balsa he gave me a stack of sheeting, and then pulled out a box that had the label that I added into the Title of this Blog entry.
When he opened the box we discovered this kit which at the time we thought might be complete. He asked if I wanted to build it so I said sure, his response was take it and build it at your leisure.
I have had some health issues of late so I didn't really plan to start on it right away, but today I opened the box and have started. The first thing I discovered is that there were only enough ribs in the box for one wing half, Enter trusty X-acto knife, about half an hour later we have enough ribs for the complete wing. Then as I get the book out and begin reading I realize that the build instructions call for the wing to be sheeted so I get started and get sheeting glued up for the bottom of both wings and start gluing parts onto the ribs that are going to be having other things into them.
This is gluing lite ply parts to glue to the ribs for landing gear mounts, and also the parts for the center ribs where the wing will pin into the fuse at the leading edge. Anyway, I am about ready for bed tonight its going on 8:00pm and I need to get on the oxygen for the night, I will load some pictures of the progress on here tomorrow sometime.
Posted by j4ck4 | May 11, 2014 @ 10:42 AM | 16,637 Views
Got a UMX Radian Friday was able to maiden with no issues other than I started with the battery centered in the battery compartment and, though the plane flew very well with it there it took a couple clicks of up elevator to fly level then would porpoise in glide.
So, I landed slid the battery back to the rear of the compartment re-launched after removing up elevator, flew out of my hand and went upwards at about a 75 degree angle to around 150' leveled off cut the throttle and she flew straight and level in glide like she is supposed to do.
As I would like to use the box for transport I am thinking of possibly doing the magnet mod on the wing that Serge has mentioned on the umx radian thread. But, may just use some better screws and mark the plastic nuts in the wing with a sharpie so they are visible to my old eyes.
The one other thing I ma thinking is that I have an IO Gear USB battery pack for when your phone dies and your away from power sources that I am going to use for battery charging should be able to use this thing for weeks without worrying about rechargning it as its like an 11,000 mah size.
Wel,, anyway the wind is blowing mid 20mph range here in Tulsa today and until Thursday I believe so, doesn't look like I'm going to be doing any flying for a few days. Well, more time to read and ponder here on RC Groups I suppose.

Good Flying all.

Posted by j4ck4 | Apr 29, 2014 @ 06:21 PM | 16,463 Views
I've had a lot of trouble at times getting battery connectors separated, especially when the battery is installed in a plane and you have to separate the connectors before you can remove the battery. I have also heard a lot of people say they will not use EC3 connectors on anything because they are so hard to get apart. Well, the ones I have had the most issues with out of EC3, Anderson Power Poles, and Deans T connectors is strangely enough the Deans.

But, a good Fb of mine showed me a trick a few years ago, I don't think the idea was original to him if I remember correctly he said he had read about it either here or on Watt Flyer. But, I want to share it here, as I just got another Radian and the battery slides into a slot in the fuse I grabbed me a pair of external snap ring pliers out of my mechanics toolbox and added them to the tools that I carry in my Transmitter case. These will insert between the legs of an EC3 connector and a with a simple squeeze the connector is separated. To use this method on a Deans T simply drill a small hole between the legs making sure not to hit either of the actual connectors inside the plastic and as the saying goes, WahLah the connector is separated. I believe this method will work also on Anderson PP's without any modification at all.

Well guys, I hope this will help someone out there that has limited grip in their hands as I do.

Happy Flying to all, and to all a good night.

Hope the wind dies here in Tulsa soon, just got a new Radian from HH today, and it needs to be maidened.

Posted by j4ck4 | Apr 28, 2014 @ 08:53 AM | 15,950 Views
Well, after all these years I thought I would finally try my hand at Blogging, I have been working in the IT field since 2004 and so am well acquainted with computers just never really took the time to sit down and put my thoughts down on the proverbial symbolic paper of a blog.

I purchased my first Radian back in 2009 sometime, flew it till mid 2011 when I got hurt at work and had to stop flying because I injured both shoulders and my neck, after over two and a half years absence from the hobby I am getting back into it, I have been reading through the Radian threads and, I have noticed one question that continues to come up by both Newbie and experienced pilots.
What is the best method of launching the Radian? I want to state upfront that I am by no means an expert at launching but, I thought I would write up my thoughts on this issue. As an average I suppose skill level pilot I have found that when launching both the Radians that I have owned, "let me state the last one survived less than an hour of airtime." Lost bind on the radio or something I believe it was because of the way the antenna's were installed in the airframe, but not sure of that.

I usually hold them in my hand just above shoulder level, run the motor up till I feel a good solid pull forward which is between 1/3 and 1/2 throttle, then give an ever so gentle upwards and forwards push. If I were to push a scale with the same amount of force you might measure a 2 or maybe as much as 4 lb....Continue Reading