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Posted by justplainold | Mar 29, 2021 @ 07:03 PM | 5,137 Views
drop box link for the stable S1200 DC to DC charger G1 firmware

NOTE if you updated to G2, V3.1.0.5 and were input power bricked, this is the firmware with the input power settings menu


where to look for the bug fix G2 S1200 DC to DC charger firmware update beyond V3.1.0.5



**//end 17June2021 update//**

Tom Cogswell posted the stable G1 firmware in a S1200 discussion thread on face book.

Both chargers function normally rolled back AND the input power setting has returned for those that were input power bricked by the G2 firmware.

**//end 07June2021 update//**

HH / Spektrum technicians say there is another bug fix firmware update coming up that will correct the timer issue. They say the charger will not overcharge the packs. I'm not going to try it.

//**end 16APR edit**//

I updated the firmware to the latest, same result, the ending charge time increases...

//**end 30MAR edit**//

I'm not sure why G2 S1200 SMART chargers would both ramp up the charge time showing from 27 minutes to over 70 minutes while completing the charge cycle on new G2 SMART batteries.

I'd suggest being carefull with G2 SMART charging by observing your chargers data screen.

My Spektrum G1 SMART batteries complete the same 2C charge function normally on my iSDT P10 BattGO enabled SMART charger....Continue Reading
Posted by justplainold | Mar 26, 2021 @ 03:30 PM | 7,942 Views
Arriving on the RC modeling scene decades ago, EZ push rod connectors proved to be a cheap, simple control surface link.

They've also been the source of many mystery crashes that are usually blamed on whatever radio is being flown at the time.

Note, decades ago and still today in many flying clubs where safety inspections are required, these connections are not accepted as safe for use for primary flight controls.

A $5 preventative measure can save the day when an EZ connector comes loose.

Drill stops, (aka Wheel collars), installed on the control surface pushrod, (without binding the normal operation of the servo), can save the model by providing enough control surface deflection to bring the aircraft back instead of watching the sudden rc assisted free flight crash.

Yes, you may have to hold pressure on the sticks as it is severely out of trim BUT you should be able to bring it in safely and fly again after tightening the loose EZ connector.
Posted by justplainold | May 11, 2020 @ 11:29 PM | 10,261 Views
Looks like the end of the road for iSDT BattGO, not cool for those of us that bought iSDT BattGO functionality BEFORE Horizon Hobby released SMART.

Spektrum Gen2 SMART batteries show battery data on the iSDT chargers and checker, haven't tried charging a Gen2 Spektrum SMART battery on my iSDT BattGO enabled chargers.

I recently tested the iSDT P10 BattGO dual channel 10 amp smart charger and it functions the same as the T8 and my Spektrum S1200 and S1500 SMART chargers. I made the Amass XT60i-F to IC3 adapters and all the BattGO / SMART features work the same in all tests. I do like the dark mode screen the iSDT P10 offers.

I would like to have this dark mode screen on my Spektrum iX12

iX12 dark mode update is very good, easy to read outside, even better when night flying

**//end 27SEPT2020 edit//**

As an early adopter of BattGO technology it's been a bit of a wait for it to come to market

iSDT launched their BattGO enabled chargers and their BG-8S battery checker but there were no batteries to work with the technology

Awhile later, Spektrum released Gen1 SMART battery technology which is BattGO based

A number of us asked the Horizon / Spektrum guys if the iSDT BattGO chargers, etc would work with the Spektrum SMART batteries and we were told yes, they would

Unlike the old days where an E-Flite EC3 female would connect with an Amass XT60 male, It takes an adapter, there is no way to connect a Spektrum IC3 battery to an Amass XT60I device...Continue Reading
Posted by justplainold | May 11, 2009 @ 07:08 PM | 19,414 Views

my flying time is limited and not frequent.

So, to avoid the potential downtime i installed the aluminum trim tabs from East RC

i installed their menu wheel previously

the procedure is simple and as with anything in this hobby patience is needed.

all up it took less than a week to receive my order and the install about 20 minutes.