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Posted by Bob Reynolds | Apr 17, 2021 @ 12:42 AM | 3,283 Views
Why the F-23A? We all know that the F-23 lost to the F-22. The F-22 had corrections and modifications made to it to become the production airplane that now exists. The F-23 had also planed for production changes and would have been made into the F-23A. The most visible changes were additional length of the fore-body, revised air inlets, refueling socket, running lights, and some aft-body shape changes due to engine changes.

This model is made from the xxxx kit of the F-23. There is a good thread at xxxxxx discussing the stock model and it's flying abilities. There were several problem areas associated with this model. Namely that the supplied landing gear is heavy and the balance point is hard to reach without adding nose weight. I was impressed at the packaging of the model and the way it dry fitted together. I was disappointed in the supplied fans (light weight copies of early Wemotec 70 mm fans. I had bought the bare kit and it held several things that I did not like. I didn't receive any servos and felt that since the "pockets" were close to HK 900 that I would like better servos. Along with servos was a real problem of servo/extension runs. The servos would have to have short (1 inch) wires. The extensions would be built into the plane with no access. In other words get the wiring right the first time because once the body gets glued together there is no more access. Here are a couple of teaser photos of my build of a F-23A. Today is the first time I've put the plane together this far along. Still a ways to go before paint.