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Posted by t01ga | Apr 25, 2021 @ 10:41 AM | 5,801 Views
Wellcome to my first blog. This is an after thought following questions about my process of customising this plane.
I wish I should have thought about this before starting this project.
I didn’t have much love for the Focke-Wulf until this Eflite release and admittedly didn’t know much about the real plane either.
So I bought the plane knowing well that it was going to be a re-paint job as the stock livery didn’t appeal to me. I knew it was going to be a challenge as I have only re-painted a plane once before.
To date I was only interested in adding missing scale details and weathering.
Whilst Iooking for inspiration on internet for a paint scheme I came across a 1/4 scale RC builder. His name is Klaus Herold and he is a master scale builder. When I see the photos of his 1/4 scale Focke-Wulf FW-190a8 I just fell in love with it straight away.
I wanted my FW190 to look just like that. I contacted him on FB told him about my intention and asked whether would he be offended if I copied his plane. He told me that he would be honoured and asked me to keep him updated with the progress. He has also given me advice and tips. What an awesome fellow RC modeller and credit to our community.
Having got Klaus’ blessing I started on the plane.
By the way Klaus also owns an Eflite FW-190 and he has masterfully re-painted his one in Yellow “5”.
Below is his 1/4 scale FW next to his re-painted Eflite one.
Second photo is my now completed FW190.