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Control Horns for Opus, from "Opus mods" thread
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Here are some point forecasts (click on the "Hourly Weather Graph" link on the bottom right of the page) for some of the spots I'd recommend.

Carrizo Gorge
The only spot with wind, but it's a drive, and a hike, and a bad landing area. Plus, I have to work Friday when it looks like it'd be the best.

Blossom Valley
Big air spot, probably not the best for a heavy JW maiden, but there is a small ridge that is DS'able. 4x4 accessible, otherwise another hike (not as grueling as Carrizo though).

Small hill where most SD DS'rs pop their backside cherry. Another hike (unless you know how to open the gate at the top of the hill with a piece of wire or weedwacker string).

Lake Hodges
A cool spot with a very small DS ridge, not really do'able with a heavy JW. Nice lake-side ambiance with lots of bird life though. Another short hike... I'm beginning to realize all our spots require some hiking.

Bill's Hill
A step-up in DS hills around SD. Access is questionable right now. Last I heard, some kids (not RC pilots) rolled their jeep off the road (yes it's a drive up and fly spot). One of the locals went there soon afterward and was asked to leave and told about the accident. I don't think anybody has been back since so I'm not sure about the access at this point. This place is great for DS combat with wings and 100-150mph with crunchies.

The only other spot that you could consider (and is a drive up spot) is Torrey Pines.
AMA required and there's a day use fee.
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Just posting this picture of tension hinges for dc812 or anybody else who might find it usefull.

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I got a PM from someone regarding the publification of Bill's Hill location, and the fact that he thought it was not to be publicized.

Did I say that..!?

My take on it is like this... being a surfer and having experienced "localism" and "secret spots" with their often uninviting and unfriendly orientation, I would hate to see the same circumstances develop in our hobby.

There are enough slopes and plenty of wind to go around for the small community of slopers that we are. Trying to keep any of that community from visiting any spot would seem highly unproductive for the longevity of our hobby. Personally, I enjoy meeting new people out on the slope. I may be a hypocrite for posting Bill's Hill location, but it's better than being a crusty local with a "this hill is for me and my friends only" attitude.

Another point, just 'cause they know where it is doesn't mean everyone is going to go there all the time. Driving time, location, personal preferences... there are a lot more things keeping people off the hill than on it.

And finally...
...they're turning it into a landfill soon so the more it gets flown now, the better... 'cause like some of the best surf spots in the world, they might just disappear someday when someone thinks of a "better" use for the land (harbors/landfills).

Just trying to explain his reasoning
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The second glider I ever flew was an epp P-51 Mustang (probably from Dave's Aircraft Works). This was like, 10 years ago. My parents cleaned out the attic and brought me all my old plane stuff and in the midst was the P-51 wing. I think that the fuselage was discarded long ago when I was scrapping for parts (servos and radio gear).
I decided to scratch together a fuse for the wing with some funky black epp or epv, I'm not sure what it is, I salvaged from work. I started a thread looking for some plans...


...while, in the meantime, I tried my best to scale down the dimensions from different photos, pictures, models etc. Fortunately, the thread provided me with a link to Monfroy Pierre-Yves in France who was kind enough to email some plans for a foamie P-51 that more or less matched my wing size. He's a nice guy who's willing to share his plans for many different planes if you send him an email. (follow the link above)

Except for the taping, covering and more or less all of the finishing touches I tried to capture the different steps in pictures. I was mostly interested in showing the foam that I was using and how I pieced it together and shaped it into the sweet plane that it now is.

She's pretty much my favorite plane now. Let me know what you think.

epP-51 frankenkit by James Mueller.
Fuselage plans by Monfroy Pierre-Yves
Wing from Dave's Aircraft Works???

48" wingspan
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February 27th, 2007
After a few flings in the field with the glider setup I removed half the weight in the nose that I had added to balance forward per the instructions found in various threads. It was too nose heavy and without giving alot of up-trim she nosed right into the ground. With this fixed she glided nicely with some wind. Threw it around for about 30 minutes.
Broken servo, stripped gears. Changed from stock aileron arms to Sullivan Gold-n-Rod for impact absorption. Also changed over to D60's from the D55's.
February28th, 2007
First motorized flight. With the motor mounted and the same weight set-up as the glider I took her out for her first motorized flight. She screamed!! A little nose down with motor but not uncontrollable. Vertical climbs, loops, barrell rolls and great gliding without the motor. Motor was on for about 6 minutes, total flight time around 25 minutes.
March 1st, 2007
Second motorized flight. Added a little more weight to the nose. She tended to still nose-up without motor, but this was into the wind. She also nosed down significantly with the application of the motor. Still flying nicely though. About 3 min with motor on, total flight time around 10 min.
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I'm just making my first BLOG post to put myself out there. I've got my profile picture in...now to start some discussions.

Nice flyin'