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Prandtl - D using Dollar Tree Foam Board

Name: P2-Complete.jpg
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Over the last two years many others have managed creating various forms of this craft as a glider or a 3d printed plane and been successful.

Through the Aviation RC Noob Podcast, Joe and I have chanced to have a great interview with Red Jensen (Episode 25, Episode 26) who was a chief pilot over much of the Prandlt-D project headed by Albion Bowers. As we prepared for the interview, and doing research about the Neil Armstrong Research Center I saw Different versions so I took a moment to create a simple modification of the plane to change the planform, but not the other key elements.

2-sheet -no waste

The new plane is un-wasted sheets of DTFB. cut longways from 8" to 12" from one side. Then cut off a 1/2 strip from both sides. to build a spar. This allows the construction of the wing half.

The important piece to this puzzle. is how to Place the spar, and how to shape the trailing edges of the wing halves. It is important that the inner section functions like a modified Clark Y, and the outer like a Symmetrical wing, with a twist from +8 AoA on the inner section, and it twist to a -2 AoA at the tips.

Spar line

The spar line on the bottom of the wing should be from ##" to ##" at the wingtip

On the top it must be moved back a 1/4" on the wing root and remain at ##" at the wingtip.

Trailing Edge

Outer edges

The trailing edge treatment is also important. the outer half must bevel the edge in 1&...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamyDM | Jun 10, 2021 @ 12:30 PM | 24,559 Views
In this episode Matt and Joe provide a quick update on their projects then continue their conversation with Red Jensen.
We talk in depth about the Prandlt-D and Prandlt-M projects, Internships with NASA and What exactly happens where Red Jensen works in the Sub Scale testing Lab at Neil Armstrong Flight Research Center.

ARCN Ep-26 Special Guest Red Jensen Part-2

Prandt-D Picture
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Using the trapezoidal shape as runway edge appears in FPV while flying final approach to gauge whether one is too high, too low, or just right:

How to Land in FPV using Runway Geometry (9 min 38 sec)

Posted by macchi202 | Jun 10, 2021 @ 04:37 AM | 21,170 Views
T6 G 2a Regione Aerea, una nuova skin AT6 texano e-flite
Posted by lawrence4 | Jun 10, 2021 @ 02:42 AM | 21,060 Views
Speedy Bee Land/Water Version Build Log ( part 2 ) (1 min 9 sec)

Speedy Bee
C.G 73mm
Wingspan 750mm
Length 640mm(land),695mm(sea)
Height 200mm(land),215mm(sea)
Weight 417g(land),482g(sea)
Motor DYS BE 1806 2300KV
Receiver FlySky FS-R8B 8ch 2.4GHz
Servo EMAX ES08A 8.5g * 3
Propeller GWS 6030
Battery DUALSKY 3S 550mAh

Plan Download from:
Posted by ELB Power | Jun 10, 2021 @ 02:09 AM | 20,602 Views
ELB Power Drone Battery 22000mAh 22.8V High Voltage Version is available now! Message us to get product and price information.

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Howard DGA-8/9/11/12: Okay this is the last Howard for a while, I swear. Many of you Im sure are familiar with the Howard DGA-15P (usually what someone is talking about when they reference a Howard DGA) but its predecessor the DGA-8/9/11/12 are a rare sight these days. (and I think they qualify for obscure even if some might consider it a stretch)

When Benny Howard entered the Mulligan into the 1935 races, he had already started work with Gordon Israel on a commercial version of the design. His plan was to win as many races as possible in 1935 (which he did, by taking the Bendix, Thompson and Greve Trophies that year) and using the money to start a factory building his new design.

In 1936 Benny used his winnings to buy the old Laird factory in Chicago and get the certification started on the Howard DGA-8. (Damn Good Airplane - 8) The airplane was similar to the mulligan, but it had 7 feet more wing and was powered by a Wright J-6-7 E2 of only 320hp. Nicknamed Flanigan the prototype was used for the type certification with most of the work being done by Gordon Israel.

Howard was really depending on the winnings from the 1936 season to get the factory off the ground but after he and his wife were injured in the Mulligan crash, there were no winnings and he stacked a lot of hospital bills on top. So getting the factory going was slow business. 18 DGA-8s creeped out of the factory, some equipped with floats. Eventually the design got some variation in the engine...Continue Reading
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Taking a look at the DJI Digital FPV System when used with the FPV Goggles V1 and FPV Goggles V2 and air U=units Like the DJI and CaddX Vista on a spectrum analyzer.

Comparing 25mbs vs 50mbps mode and looking how the RC behaves with the OFDM Video signal.

DJI Digital FPV Ocusync - A Look On A Spectrum Analyzer (27 min 49 sec)

Posted by kopterheld | Jun 09, 2021 @ 03:56 PM | 19,191 Views
BetaFPV Beta95X V3 with 1404 4500KV motors upgraded and a flight with GoPro Hero 6 Black Lite.
Video with EN subtitles
Beta95X V3 Super 1404 Motor Upgrade (6 min 19 sec)

Beta95X V3 now with better 1404 4500KV motors and D63 3-blade props, Caddx Nebula Vista module, F4 FC 20A ESC's, bracket for the new SMO 4K camera, weight 116.7g, battery 450mah 4S

BetaFPV 1404 4500KV Motor -
Beta95X V3 -
Beta95X V3 HD -
Insta360 SMO 4K -
F4 FC 20A V4 -
Use the GiftCARD for 5% off with Coupon: GiftCARD -
Get 5% Coupon from BetaFPV -

My latest PID, Rates settings from Beta96X V3 HD digital with 1404 Motors , active RPM filtering,
# with Warning in the DJI FPV Goggles OSD using craftname check 
# and BlueJay 0.13 48k ESC's FirmWare
# 1404 Motors
# Betaflight 4.2.8
# Backup from 2021-04-16
# only PID and filter setting without resource, beeper, serial, osd
set gyro_lowpass2_hz = 325
set dyn_notch_width_percent = 0
set dyn_notch_q = 250
set dyn_notch_max_hz = 350
set dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz = 260
set dyn_lpf_gyro_max_hz = 650
set rc_smoothing_auto_smoothness = 20
set dshot_bidir = ON
set small_angle = 180
set thrust_linear = 25
set gyro_rpm_notch_harmonics = 1
set gyro_rpm_notch_q = 800
profile 0
set dyn_lpf_dterm_min_hz = 91
set dyn_lpf_dterm_max_hz =
...Continue Reading
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Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan: I cant very well talk about the Howard racers and leave out the most famous of all, so here goes.

In 1934 Benny Howard finished his latest airplane. A totally new approach from Howard, the DGA-6 replaced slim lines and high strung inlines for brute horsepower with as little wing as possible. Benny Howard said he was inspired by seeing the Monocoupe from the wrong end during a race. The DGA-6 had a short wingspan of only 31 feet. Thats four feet shorter than a piper cub. And with an 830hp Pratt & Whitney, it only had a little more than 12 times your average J-3s power.

Mister Mulligan clocked in at almost 290mph at its best and was capable of a service ceiling of 22,000 feet and cruise of 230mph for cross countries. Highly unusual for race planes, it also had four seats. (The DGA-6 was eventually modified for the civilian market and sold as the DGA-8,9,11 and 12) The high wing, tail dragger had some advanced building techniques used on it. It had a standard steel tube fuselage, but the wooden wings were completely sheeted with plywood for a perfectly smooth surface.

Mister Mulligan made its racing debut in 1935. Designers Benny Howard and Gordon Israel took the Mulligan to a 1st place victory in the Bendix Trophy Race flying cross country from LA to Cleveland with an average speed of 238mph. Shortly thereafter, Harold Nuemann won the 1935 Thompson trophy with the same airplane, the first airplane to win both races.

...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Il fallait y penser ... Ou pas !? J'ai en test aujourd'hui le NANO "LongRange" de chez RekonFPV et HGLRC, le REKON 3 ! Ce moustique de 70gr permet de voler environs 15mn avec juste un Accu Li Ion 18650 ! Ok, a vole... Ok il a une bonne autonomie... Ok c'est plus pratique et moins dangereux qu'une Lipo... Mais est ce suffisant pour plaire beaucoup ? Pas sr. L'innovation et la conception est intressante et intelligente c'est clair mais de l tenter du "LongRange" avec un engin sans GPS, sans camra HD et sans Buzzer autonome, je ne m'y risquerais pas. Il a des avantages certains mais pas mal de lacunes galement selon moi ... Prenez soin de vous et merci tous pour votre soutien .

REKON 3 HGLRC/REKONFPV Nano Long Range - Review Test Démo - A vous de voir ... (20 min 52 sec)

NOTATAZ : 14/20 Innovant oui, mais ...

--- Chez RekonFPV :
- REKON 3 :
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- Si Vous voulez aider la chane avec un don (tous les dons servent alimenter les vid...Continue Reading
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New product this week :
Hydrogen Fuel Cell air Cooled 1800 Watt KIT with 20L tank+valve

Drone Engine 4.2kw Water-Cooled Hybrid Electricity Generator DLE

Drone Engine 7.2kw WaterCooled Hybrid Electricity Generator DLE
...Continue Reading
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Hey pilots! Here comes another HGLRC 5th Anniversary Sales & Lucky Draw.🥰

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Name: 周年促销活动推广1000.jpg
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Petrczy, Karman and urovec (PKZ)

In 1916, Istvn Petrczy proposed an electrically driven rotorcraft to replace the dangerously flammable observation balloon. His original concept was for the onboard electric motor to be supplied by a dynamo driven by an internal combustion engine.

Video Flight demonstration

PKZ-2 WWWI helicopter for Phoenix Flight Sim. (0 min 59 sec)


The PKZ-1 was designed by Karman and urovec. It had four radiating arms with four-bladed propeller on top of each, geared in pairs such that each pair spun in the opposite direction just like a modern Quadcopter.

The rotors were driven from a single centrally located electric motor. A ground-based generator fed power through the tethering cables to the motor. In a short series of four test flights in March 1918 the craft was able to lift three men. The wiring insulation in the motor burned out on the fourth flight and was not repaired.


The PKZ-2 was developed by urovec in parallel with the PKZ-1, but wholly independently. Zurovec only acknowledged the support of Petrczy.

It had three radiating arms, each housing a rotary piston engine. These engines were coupled together to drive a central pair of contra-rotating wooden propellers mounted above the airframe. A round cockpit for the aircrew was fixed centrally, on top of the rotor mast. Landing gear consisted of rubber-fabric cushions, one large central one and three smaller ones at the end of each arm.

The...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jun 09, 2021 @ 12:55 AM | 16,533 Views
Radiomaster TX16 create new model and select model (1 min 51 sec)

Create a new model / select a new model ..

Sorry , left out a click .. But everyone gets it right ..

Create a model

A) Turn on the Tx
B) Click and hold the scroll wheel
C) Click model select
D) Highlight a plane (?) Icon , Click and hold
E) Click Create Model
F) Select glider or plane and Click
G) Now you can exit by clicking the Return button ( top left black button )
H) And you have a new model ..

Change models
A) Click and hold the scroll wheel
B) Click model select
C) Highlight the model you want , Click and hold
D) Click select model
E) ANd you have selected a new model .

Wow , so to adjust your gimbals , you are voiding your warranty !
Well done RADIOMASTER , way to be a bunch of tools !
Posted by charlton29 | Jun 08, 2021 @ 09:39 PM | 17,176 Views
So, after a long break with not much flying - weather was the main culprit - I took the Rotor out again. There was just enough wind to be interesting. Have a look at the results, and watch to the end for a surprise landing

Windang Island Soaring (5 min 0 sec)