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Posted by hillbille | Nov 23, 2010 @ 04:46 AM | 14,463 Views
In my blog I will have some pictures of my fleet of planes. These are pictures of the planes as they looked when they were new or first built. I have a lot of planes! LOL!! That's what retirement does for you. Actually I would not have as many planes if foam were not as easy to repair as it is!

The planes pictured are all planes I have built but not ALL of my planes! I still maintain quite an assembly backlog of yet to be built planes.

I'm older and there is hardly a plane I own that does NOT have some fluorescent orange on it somewhere to aid in flying it. Needless to say I tend to lean toward target drone models!! LOL!! I have had a website (actually owned 4 but sold 3) since 1994. It is located at www.bakehead.com if you would like to visit.

I hardly have any planes left as I have given away nearly every plane I had. Nearly.

Everything you see in the pictures except for the AP Solution, the Magpie, the original PZ Corsair, a couple of Superfly's is GONE.

I am going to try NOT to purchase any more as I am going to try to concentrate on photography if I can.

I will keep the "how to" P-47 bomb drop intact for now.
I added a bomb drop system to my PZ P-47. It works off of the flaps and is removable when not in use as it uses magnets to hold it on the plane.

I am not much on mods but I have made a slight mod to the PZ P-47 to add a bomb drop system to it. Here are the links:

The drop system for the P-47 works really well using the flaps...Continue Reading