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Posted by Rogosi | Jun 30, 2019 @ 08:07 AM | 16,717 Views
Attended my third Warwick NY event two weeks ago and had a great time as usual. This event is really shaping up to be a nice lead in to the NEAT Fair. Great electric flying, camping, killer views, and a great collection of folks who love the hobby. The location is spectacular and offers something for everyone into RC.

I shared some space with some longtime RC friends from Sawn Craft. Jonathan was kind enough to gift me a sweet (literally and figuratively) little bottle of golden elixir, fresh from his small batch production. Ahhhh maple syrup how I love thee so! His newest creation flies into your mouth rather than into the skies above. I just ordered 4 more bottles to give away in our raffle for our upcoming electric event.

Hartland Hollow Modern Homestead is the name. Small batch production pure maple syrup from the woods of East Hartland, CT. Amber in color, and graded as an A. I prefer the A over the B for general consumption, especially on the classic pancake. This settles in nicely on the cake and doesn't overpower it. Nice light hints of maple syrup vaguely reminiscent of Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima except here are no chemicals or high fructose corn syrup here. I like a good hearty B grade when using the syrup as a cooking agent.

I did take a little bit of this and cook it down to about half the volume, and in doing so really thickened up the consistency. I take a little bit of it and spoon it onto pieces of thick slab cut bacon. The bacon...Continue Reading