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Posted by flylite | Feb 19, 2012 @ 05:19 AM | 5,127 Views was original set up to provide information about the public flying field in Richmond Park (London, UK).

Shortly after the launch of we started a community project to encourage the younger generation get out of the spell of TV and Video game saturation to get out doors and learn to fly RC!

A year on - we now cater for pretty much all in our community, from aged 7 up including those with special needs.

Our newest addition to our project is our Special Operations project. As some members of our community cannot travel to our flying field we now can cater for them by visiting them.
The main aim of this part of our project is to give an FPV experience to those who are in some way limited to where they can be. With the addition of a very stable quad copter we can now fly out of most locations so the possibilities are endless to whom we can visit.

We could not have achieved this without the fantastic support we have had from the RC industry, HoverThings, DragonLabs and FatShark but to name a few have helped us immensely and with out their support we would not have been able to reach such a vast demographic.