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Posted by Raymond-leflyr | Feb 24, 2018 @ 07:48 PM | 3,718 Views
I went to the swap meet at Burlington this morning. I guess I’ve been to this particular one eight or ten times since we’ve been here in North Carolina. I’ve been to Toledo, WRAMs, Lebanon, the Southern Show, and several local versions here and Virginia too over the years. I’ve seen some things change, some haven’t. Multi-rotors and electrics have certainly made an impact. Other “fads” have come along; some stay, some go. But one thing that seems to have remained the same, at least since the mid-70s, is the age of the participants. Actually, if anything, the age of the average aero modeler has risen (rose?, gone up.)
Another thing that I came away from today’s experience is that there just aren’t many things I want or need anymore. Oh maybe a BUSA kit (one that I don’t already have sitting in my attic) at a great price, or a nice Sagitta cheap. But I either have it stashed away upstairs – or I buy it via the Internet (and get it delivered in two days). Yes, that is certainly a comment on the times we live in now.
So back to today, I pretty much gave away the stuff I had brought. And frankly, I threw away most of the rest – except for the NIB 10 cc gas engine – watch for it here on RCGroups (cheesy plug, huh – I love it!)