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Posted by Raymond-leflyr | Jan 26, 2018 @ 10:29 AM | 4,142 Views
How model aviation has “evolved” for me since the early 70s;

• CL racing and combat (the best of times and fondest memories)
• Mufflers
• First R/C, five channels, “I’ve been hit”, RME
• Wide choice of kits, great magazines and plans
• Hobby shops with what I need
• Better radios, more channels
• Acceptance and curiosity from the public
• Li-pos and brushless motors – no more frequency flags
• Fast forward to the last few years
o Rapid development and availability of new technology
o Irresponsible use of same, mostly ignored
o Regulatory scrutiny and restrictions
o Change in public perception (and reality) of model aviation safety
The result, I fear, is that the hobby that has been an integral part of my adult life is changing around me, out of control, and universally negative. Heaven help me, I may have to take up golf.
There, I’ve had my rant. I wish it had made me feel better. Alas.