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Posted by Raymond-leflyr | Feb 27, 2017 @ 08:11 PM | 6,850 Views
I went to the BARKS swap meet this weekend. Sold some stuff. Gave away some stuff. Left early. Had a good time. BUT I had a brain storm while I took a pass through the aisles, checking out what other people were selling. One of the things that caught my eye was the number of people who had piles of old two-stroke, glow engines that nobody ever buys.

I too have piles of old two-stroke, glow engines that I know I will never mount in a model or run again. I also know I couldn't sell mine either - so here's my brain "storm" (or fill in another word after you read the rest of this).

I'm thinking of taking a dozen or so of them apart; removing the crank shaft and piston, and drilling through the back-plate to make room for a hollow threaded rod so that I could stack them up to make . . . wait for it . . . a LAMP.

I'm thinking of a spiral type pattern with .60s on the bottom, .40s in the middle, and .25s at the top.

Since I have a few transmitters that are leftovers from when I flew with the Good brothers, I thought that the base made from one would be the cat's pajamas. Actually, I do have an Expert transmitter that would be perfect given its flat, square, boxy shape - and snazzy, non-black color.

I figure I could stick the whole thing together with JB Weld and have something that would become a treasure that my grandchildren would fight over when I leave this earthly realm.

Thinking about it some more on the hour-long ride home, and it occurred to me that I...Continue Reading