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Posted by Raymond-leflyr | Feb 19, 2015 @ 11:32 AM | 10,619 Views
Gentle Flyers,

Here is a photo of my electrocuted Hangar Rat. I was motivated to build the little thing by my recent trip to a nearby indoor event that was characterized by numerous UMX ARFs (mine too) zipping hither and hence around a very nice venue. There were a couple of Vapors and such that flew in a manner that was more like what I remember from the 70s when my club had free access to a basketball court in a National Guard Armory. Back then there weren’t any ARFs let alone micro R/C equipment. We built Peanuts, Pistachios, EZBs, Manhattans, HLGs, etc. and spent many happy days enjoying the slow, graceful flight of these beauties.

There were a couple of entry-level models that were popular back then like the Peck R.O.G. and the Hangar Rat. A few feet of 1/8-inch rubber, some lube, a winder, and a stooge put you in business for maybe ten or twelve dollars. The Hangar Rat was a little bigger than the others and could be flown outdoors at dusk when the wind dropped. Ah, the good ole days!

This one has the R/C innards from a defunct Parkzone something but is “traditional” in all other respects – including the non-doped, but crinkled, Esaki tissue covering. I hope to take it with me to the GAMA swap meet to play with in their indoor area in a couple of weeks.