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Posted by Raymond-leflyr | Nov 21, 2014 @ 07:14 PM | 8,690 Views
Gentlemen (I always have to smile when I write that word here),
In keeping with my commitment to provide the tiny airplane world with the best opportunities to increase their pleasure, I hereby present a way for modelers to “invest” for their hobby. Picture it; the latest issue of your favorite model magazine arrives in your mail box. You tear off the envelope and race to the porcelain seat where you settle down for a good ‘read’. You normally flip past the same full-page ads that are unchanged from month to month – but wait! What’s this; a thing of beauty ARF that has your name written all over it - you say to yourself, I MUST have one! But, whoa look at that price! How can I work that into the household budget . . . walk to work, sell the dog, talk to the wife about her working for a dating service? Well dear friends, there’s a better way. Sign up with RL Nvestment Survices, llc. Stand back and wait for the hobby dollars to start rolling in! You really, really want that OctoCopter that flies itself don’t you? PM me after midnight tonight with your credit card number and I’ll get back to you pretty soon. (As always, results may vary.)