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Posted by UpNup | Aug 05, 2018 @ 04:54 PM | 2,251 Views
My Ford Flivver was several ounces too tail heavy. This pushed the CG back 3/4Ē. Itís test/maiden rocketed straight up and then dove. I pulled up the elevators enough to pancake and flip.

When planning for an electric build, it will be lighter up front so that needs to be taken into consideration when designing or re-engineering the tail feathers.

1. Replaced the Williams Bro. plastic & rubber tailwheel. Made a ply/balsa wheel. Slipped it over the axle bracket. Plastic wheel was twice the weight of the wood wheel.

2. Moved the 11 gram servo in the tail up to the firewall. Made a balsa control rod to drive the internal elevator control horn. Covered the ends with shrink wrap.

3. Moved the rudder servo with its pull-pull up to the ply rail next to the elevator servo. Had to cut New Kevlar strings.

4. Hollowed out the balsa base on my pilot figure. Firgured it couldnít hurt.

5. Left off the hatch cover that was on the rear servo. Abd this will help the ESC get more airflow. I donít think this will mess with the control.

With all that effort, I still had to add one ounce (28 grams) sticky lead weight to the battery compartment.

The plane now balances on the printed CG on the plans.