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Posted by 43851E | Nov 26, 2009 @ 01:57 AM | 7,381 Views
You have reached Doug Christensen's blog & WELCOME!

At present my, 3rd revival in RC Aircraft. Having an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Aerospace back ground still wonít prevent me from casting fate unto gravity. Powered gravity. Iím talking more than a broken prop. Leave it at that for now! But nothing beats the thrill of flying RC. We can push the envelope.

So to advance myself further into my passion for micro robotics Iíve looked carefully at becoming a niche dealer for a line of brushless motors & ESCs made by a special company called Pulso/Danlions. From what has been reported so far, these are becoming very favored with many units in the RC Flyers hands already. The factory had a free give away in which some 1000 units went out just in the US alone. So stock has arrived and it a pleasure to have the first dealership here in the states. There are 2 others whom I will post there website as soon as I receive their permission. This is a team effort I believe.

Soon I will also be posting here pictures of the factory. These motors are special as compared with all others for many reasons. First, no other has a hard aluminum oxide plating or black anodize. This allows the bearings and other load surfaces to rest on a surface with the hardness of sapphire. The only material harder is diamond itself. This alone sets them apart from all others, not to mention the extreme high accuracy of the assembly. The manufacturer is well established in other markets as well making motors for the robotics & electric tool industry. So we can rest assured that this is no fly by night operation, but Iím sure they do have some night flyers, as well as plenty of day flyers!

Please let others know how your Pulso is working, experience & expectations. As well as questions & answers will be addressed on this main thread on RC Groups https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show....php?t=1148535

Blue Skies to all & be sure to visit my website for more information www.aurigaavionics.com

Doug Christensen