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Posted by GaryX1001 | Feb 07, 2016 @ 03:26 PM | 4,214 Views
after modifying the battery bay, installing the electronics & stuff over a few weeks i finally came to the build end, finished programming today also.

4,6kg AUW

Freewing F-15 Eagle - 12s - Functions & first taxi (7 min 4 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Nov 21, 2015 @ 03:20 PM | 4,778 Views
Got my Freewing F-15E Eagle, 90mm EPO EDF Jet, superb Quality!

Freewing F-15 Eagle - Unboxing - what is inside the Box (16 min 4 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Nov 08, 2015 @ 06:21 PM | 5,090 Views
hey Pilots,
as i have not posted here for a Long time, here's a flight from today with my F/A-18 Super Hornet from Lanxiang.

Bananahobby LX F/A-18 Super Hornet - Flight #15 (4 min 41 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Feb 16, 2013 @ 11:15 AM | 5,643 Views
hi guys,

as we have winter here atm, i bought something to fly and something to build.

building a ME-262 to fly when the weather gets better and now atm i
fly the Parkzone Icon A5

i have to say, this plane is so great, nice and flies so good that i really enjoy every second i have it up in the air! just fun!

i recommend it to anyone who has to pause during the winter time because of snow..

Parkzone Icon A5 - My best Flight (9 min 27 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Nov 11, 2012 @ 04:30 AM | 6,585 Views
so... after 5 month pause i'm back in business and did 2 flights with my F-16.
the only thing which still need corrections and setup is the elevator (add some elev. with flap mix, reduce some elev. when gear up and so on..)

this were the first higher speed passes with this jet, accelleration seems very good (DPS 76mm 69A) and vertical climb is superb

i might re-look into the EDF and thrust tube to change the "sound"..

RC Lander F-16 HRAF - First higher speed flight (5 min 12 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | May 22, 2012 @ 11:16 AM | 6,884 Views
build going..

first throttle test with retract bay installed.. coming together slowly
right now i install the RX + lightning with all wires.

RC Lander F-16 HRAF - Build part 4 (7 min 25 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | May 18, 2012 @ 03:47 PM | 7,233 Views
the end is in sight!!!

i did most of the more complicated work, so only fixing the retracts, building my own cockpit, glueing on the nose, soldering bullets on the batteries and install all wires into rx & light system.
hopefully in a week or 2 i can do the maiden

RC Lander F-16 HRAF - Build part 3 (7 min 41 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Apr 03, 2012 @ 03:40 PM | 6,669 Views
here we go..

i had a flight yesterday with a crash landing so i was very disappointed with myself.
repaired the jet today, charged 2 batteries and went to the field again, voila

RCLander F-16 - first real good flight 2012 (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Feb 19, 2012 @ 02:21 PM | 6,741 Views
wanted to do a flight (some time ago), but realised after take off that it is too much wind, especially crosswind, so i wanted to come back down as quick as possible.

while lining up to the runway i lost my jet in the sun i had luck..
after touch down, the wind blew from the side and it tipped over onto the wing. had luck again, after applying full ailerons i got it back up, otherwise it would have ended again with a flip into the grass and damaged retracts or broken wing.

RC Lander F-16 Crosswind Landing (2 min 14 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Feb 17, 2012 @ 08:39 AM | 7,036 Views

here's the video what is in the box, i'm already working on the parts and videoing most stuff for the next build video. what holds me back abit is: i do not have a EDF unit yet, still waiting for the new release.

RC Lander F-16 HRAF - what is in the box (8 min 46 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Oct 30, 2011 @ 11:00 AM | 7,428 Views

after some problems at the beginning i have setup my jet right now and it seems i have good control about my F-16.

Video shows my shortest take off ever, full flaperons used because of no wind at all.. mixed outside view with onboard camera, enjoy!

total weight: 2300g

RCLander F-16 Flight with cockpit view mixed - short Powerful Take Off (5 min 28 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Oct 22, 2011 @ 01:51 AM | 7,778 Views
hey guys,

i wanted to make a special flight video this time, so i thought i could go to the lake (it lost 6m water so we were able to walk inside from one side)

this was the first time i flew above water, its abit irretating but i enjoyed the flight.

HD available

T-Rex 550 - beautiful flight over a lake (7 min 2 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Oct 05, 2011 @ 12:36 AM | 8,591 Views
well guys,

this f16 flew good from start but the last flight ended badly in the grass, crashed and broke the main wing and one elevator, so i had to cut the main wing complete..

after the repair the jet flys better then before, only had to give 2 clicks right aileron to trim it out.

here is the result

RCLander F-16 re-Maiden (4 min 13 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Aug 14, 2011 @ 06:08 AM | 8,327 Views
maidened my 3rd F-16 yesterday,
simply awesome sound!

1970Watt @88A - that thing "will" move..

better videos will follow after adjusting everything and trimmed the right way.

RC Lander F-16 v3 - Maiden Flight Cockpit & outside view (7 min 6 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Jun 23, 2011 @ 12:58 AM | 8,621 Views
hi guys,

i flew this CopteReX 500 with the original CX paddles and found, that it rolls and flips lazy and slow.
i already was at 8 cyclic pitch, so i took the align carbon paddles and voila.. now much better

enjoy watching!

CopterX 500 - high speed flight with align carbon paddles (6 min 14 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | May 11, 2011 @ 09:20 AM | 8,629 Views
i'm glad i finally found the right settings for my f-16,
flys like a dream now

video changes between onboard cockpit camera and outside video.

recorded in HD, enjoy!

RCLander F-16 - a real good flight (7 min 26 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Mar 31, 2011 @ 09:42 AM | 9,026 Views
finally im happy with my F-16, flys like a dream, its fast and and and..

i can only recommend this jet, im so happy with it!

rclander f-16D
76mm EDF (first version)
6x metal gear servos
electric twin retracts with suspension
4200mah battery
dx7 with ar7000
10a bec
85a esc

total weight: 2300g!

RCLander F-16 - outside view & cockpit FPV view PIP (5 min 30 sec)

Posted by GaryX1001 | Feb 16, 2011 @ 05:19 PM | 9,859 Views
hello people,
i started this build in august 2010 and had nothing but problems

build went together without big problems but then it began.
the copterx 500 parts were so poor and cheap, nothing worked like it should.
i have recorded all my flights and flight attempts, so you can follow what happened

first spin up after finished the build and nearly accident:

CopterX 500 - first spin up & almost accident (1 min 46 sec)

after fixing the first problem i went outside for the first hover around tests, again, almost accident:

CopterX 500 - testflight & screws coming off while in the air (2 min 2 sec)
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Posted by GaryX1001 | Sep 09, 2009 @ 02:52 PM | 9,311 Views
this is the best video with my Art-Tech F-18 i have recorded so far!

it was very very strong wind! i had installed my camera in the cockpit -

enjoy the flight

Art-Tech F/A-18 [ F-18 ] Strong wind - outside/cockpit camera - power flight (4 min 45 sec)