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"Maneuver of the Week"

ATTF#193 at 19:25 The Inside Loop
ATTF#196 at 39:02 The Stall Turn or "Hammerhead"

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Thanks right!

3DHobbyshop and attf have teamed up to giveaway another great prize. Also the winner will get the AJ Takes RC to a Higher Plane, Volume II, All Things Slick DVD.

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It has started.
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OO, what's that? You are giving away a new Ritewing IYF44 night flyer?

Why yes, one lucky person will take home a sexy night flying wing from

Enter, enter now.

Because you can't have this, unless you enter. Why would you not want this? Are you Captain Insan0?
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Another Tip of the Week from ATTF and HPP!

Remember, submit your tip of the week email to [email protected] to win a FREE 30 day FlightPass membership from Higher Plane Productions!!

This weeks winner is Hance In Idaho, here is his submission!!

I was in the middle of building my Yak55 and found out I had no pushrod material at all. Its a 60 mile drive to the nearest hobby shop to get some so that wasn't an option. I was driving down the road the next day and seen a survey flag on the side of the road DING. I stopped by the local hardware store a bought some to experiment with. They fit 2mm dubro quick connectors perfectly. The steel they are made out of is kind of springy so if you slam a model into the ground odds are the pushrods will springs back straight. So no more bent pushrods. Best of all they are dirt cheap. Flags at lowes Its 8 bucks for a hundred 21 inch flags or 4 bucks for 25 fifteen inch long ones.


Thanks to Hance and Higher Plane Productions!

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We get requests all the time. Finally here!
Of course, you get entered into the Giveaway automatically when buying!


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This month of April, MuliplexUSA and attf have teamed up to give away a fresh new Xeno with the power setup!

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Submit your Tip of the Week to [email protected] and you could win a free month of Flight Pass from Higher Plane Productions!

CG or Center of Gravity is the location on a model where it should balance. When dealing with a kit, ARF or model from a manufacture, they will typically provide the location for CG in the instructions. You will find that the CG suggested by the manufacture can make the model a bit nose heavy and for good reason. A model that is nose heavy will still fly fairly stable, reducing the chances of a poor handling. A tail heavy model will be very unstable and unresponsive to control inputs. Typically the measurement provided will be about 1/4 to 1/3 of the wing cord (depth from leading edge to trailing edge).

Depending on the model you may want it to be a bit nose heavy or more neutral. 3D and sailplane pilots will prefer a more neutral CG, and pilots flying fast sport models will likely want a touch of nose weight. The best way I have found to determine if CG is set properly is in the air. Yes you want to use the manufactures suggested CG point prior to flying the model, but once you have done that you can fine tune it a bit by doing a simple dive test. This is how I do it.

1. Get the plane ready for flight (typical preflight checks to include checking the CG)
2. Launch or take off and get the model to a comfortable altitude so you can get the model trimmed out.
3. Once trimmed to where the model will fly straight with no...Continue Reading
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That's right. has teamed up with attf to giveaway a new superfly + all the electronics to shove into it.

These have got to be one of the most favorite planes by many. Don't miss out.

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ATTF # 131 Tip of the week.

Please submit your tips or questions for Tip of the week to [email protected]. Any question answered or tip used will win a Free 30 Day Flightpass membership From Higher Plane Productions

This week we follow up the control horn mounting tip with how the location of the pushrod controls deflection of the control surface. Really the most important thing to know in this tip is using the hole in the servo arm furthest from the servo and closest to the control surface will provide the greatest amount of deflection. Moving the pushrod closer to the servo will decrease the throw as will moving the pushrod further from the control surface.

This image shows a setup for Maximum deflection. Notice the longest part of the servo arm is used. On this setup there is no adjustment at the control surface side.

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Posted by ATTF | Feb 22, 2010 @ 07:46 PM | 19,640 Views

Tip of the week - 130

Going to gear this one towards foam models since that is what I am most familiar with, but please add your input for control horn installation regardless of model material or style. The most important aspects of installing a control horns are the alignment and the strength of the install. Having a control horn pull away during flight is going to have nasty results. To get the throw of the control surface to move properly and equally in each direction requires proper alignment.
To properly align a control horn you want it to be installed so that the holes in the horn are directly over the hinge line. I searched google and this is the first image I found.

Notice that the holes in the control horn are always in a straight line from top to bottom. This allows you to install the pushrod into any hole and maintain alignment over the hinge line.

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The 2nd ATTF Tip of the Week!

Getting your ESC, phone or laptop wet is something that happens to more people than it should. Most, seem to want to test the wet item must sooner than they should.

What should you do when you drop your cell phone into the toilet? Best practices say to immediately turn off the device and remove the battery if possible. Then get some dry rice or better yet silicon cat litter, put the cat litter into a ziploc bag with the device and seal the bag. Let it sit for a few days this way before ever trying the device. This will pull moisture out of the device.

If you want to spend some money and time you can add to these steps by cleaning the inside of the device with electronics cleaner.

Also see Andy Ihnatko's tips.
Andy Ihnatko on TV (4 min 50 sec)

Posted by ATTF | Feb 08, 2010 @ 12:48 AM | 19,926 Views
Welcome to our first Tip of the Week segment. This one is very basic, but it seems a lot of people get it wrong from time to time including both Jamie and I. Installing a prop seems to be pretty simple, but you can install it the wrong way. This doesn't change the direction of the thrust as many people think. That can only be done by reversing the motor direction. Having a prop on backwards or reversed will only cost you power and efficiency. Installing a prop correctly can be done easily if you remember the one simple rule. The thicker smoother edge of the prop needs to enter into the air first.

If you take most props and look at them you will notice that one edge is sharp and thin while the other edge is smoother and thicker. The thicker edge is designed to be the leading edge just like an airfoil of a wing. If you notice your model doesn't have the power it should have or it is making an odd noise when powered up, it could be the prop is not on correctly. If the model moves in the correct direction when thrust is applied, then the motor is spinning the correct direction. However, low power, high amp draw and sometimes vibration from the prop is a result of it being installed incorrectly. If you are experiencing these problems, check the prop and confirm that the thicker, smoother edge is the leading edge. If not, remove it and flip it over and try again. I am sure you will be happy with the free power upgrade you just received.

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ATTF will be adding a new feature in the coming weeks. A new weekly segment which will follow a similar format to the Power System Corner. This new segment will focus on anything RC Flight related that falls outside the Power System questions. We hope to cover all the things we have done wrong during our time in the hobby and hope to help prevent you from making those same mistakes. Hmmm, Prop direction comes to mind. We will begin this new segment with some of our own experiences and tips and hope to have a sponsor in the near future that will allow us to take your questions and provide prizes for those of you that have your question answered during the show. We also hope to maintain discussions on each Tip of the Week here on RCG.

Thanks for listening!

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We made it to episode #100! We where live and had 5 hosts for the show. Many of you called in as well as chatted it up during our show. It went very smooth and we will certainly do live shows again. Thanks to Lucien at Innov8tiveDesigns for the massive prize giveaway during the live show!

The show is up, so you can download and listen to it. Also be sure to subscribe to the show so you get each weeks RC radio show delivered to you automatically. If you need help in doing so, just ask!

Thanks to listeners, sponsors, and RCGroups making this the successful RC radio show!

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Number 76 is up and ready!

Thanks to everybody who works on the show, the vendors , RCG, listeners and the wife's who put up with us! We had a great year and hope to grow even more so in 2009.

Have a great New Year!

(O, and only a few days left to enter the contest! Win some nice Scorpion gear of your choice!! )
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Come join us this evening for the live drawing!! Which is in 2.5 hours or so. 8:30MT.

Also, be sure to sing up to win for NEXT months prize

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That's right!

If you want to get in and take a free Hobby-Lobby A-7 Corsair II ARF Scale Ducted Fan RC Jet = You better hurry!!!

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All entries must be in BY the end of the 30th!

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We talked a bit with Lucien Miller from about a new segment for the show called "Power System Corner". We will have the audience (you) email questions about motors, power setups, setups for helis and planes and have Lucien himself come on and answer the question directly.

These will be short 5min segments that will be interjected into the shows effectively answering these tough questions.

Also be on the look out for giveaways sponsored by innov8tivedesigns! This means free Scorpion motors, gift certificates, speed controllers, etc.

So, get in your questions now via our contact page . You can email them in using either email address, or use the voice mail system!

We may be doing small giveaways for each question answered as well, once we iron out the system!

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Hobby-Lobby has teamed up with the premier RC Radio show to sponsor a giveaway for November!

Giveaway sponsored by Hobby-Lobby for November:
A-7 Corsair II ARF Scale Ducted Fan RC Jet

Sign up here , starting on the 1st!

Go tell Hobby-Lobby how much you love them, long time.

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This week Fred from HigherPlaneProductions joins us for a little inside baseball on competition RC events. Hear about the Tucson Shootout and the RC fliers themselves.
Email, news, monkeys and tigers o-my!

Come listen!