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I have been to this flying field. I have met with this group. Great bunch of guys in my opinion. They are in Rembert SC. They are having a fly-in. It will be in April.

A link showing photos of some of the birds you will see at the meet:

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This is how we did it 40 years ago. I am very nostalgic. I am not in this hobby to impress but rather for my personal entertainment. Here I have put together a flight box, starter, fuel pump, etc, like they did way back in time. The starter switch was worn out and broken. (I have information on new switches available from the Sullivan company). The tote box is a 1982 Carl Goldberg Super Tote. I was thinking that design-wise they put the drawers on the wrong side and I just now noticed that I actually built it backwards

Flight System - Model Plane, R/C, Old School (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by lee taylor | May 29, 2019 @ 05:18 PM | 1,606 Views
I feel like a beginner. A very old beginner. I am a come-back. I am returning to the hobby. Yes I am old school and old style. Back in the day, we use to kit-build in the winter and fly in the summer. I have no time clock with my hobbies so I am on no ones schedule but my own. I hear people say "glow" is dead. Frankly it does not matter to me that it is perceived as dead. I do what I like. Always have. Always will.


I am getting my field equipment ready to test some engines. (.29 cu.in. / .45 cu.in. / .61 cu. in.)

My direction:

Get my field box ready and my engines running. Join the local club and fly my .40 Sportster with a Spectrum Transmitter. Buy an ARF and fly my OS .60 cu. in. SF Max. Buy a Saito .82 cu. in. four-cycle. Break it in.

I though I would start this thread to share information as time passes. Always happy to hear from others (regardless of age or level).

I always enjoyed R/C and planning for many more good years. I never made it to the "Big Time" in the hobby. WAY too many other things in my life for that. It is what you make it.