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Posted by UpNup | Jan 10, 2020 @ 01:45 PM | 3,022 Views
The pilot with the Airfield Tempest 800mm is weak at best. My pilot didn't have his nose. It was just a hole at the middle of his face.

I pulled the canopy off and got the pilot out. His face was rubber and unpainted. He's wearing a double-breasted green coat with black collar. And his eyebrows had been well-plucked. What war crime did he commit to get that punishment? There was no life preserver. This pilot was about 1.5" tall and had no arms.

I used 400 grit sandpaper on all but the face and used Testors enamel paint. I gave his Britishness a blue coat and brown leather helmet. I gave his beard stubble a wash of 1:10 flat black paint to mineral spirits. His eyebrows were thickened to normal. After spraying a Clear Matte finish, I put silver on the glasses rims and then dabbed thick clear finger nail polish on the lenses.

But that sour expression remained. Who makes these things? Not even a new nose and a new coat of paint could help this guy.

The unhappy pilot was glued back in with TitebondII and I used Canopy Clear Glue to get the cockpit glass back in place. Ready for take-off.
Posted by UpNup | Jan 02, 2020 @ 09:00 PM | 3,960 Views
A dollar store sells an 8” black plastic action figure (1/9 scale) that could be made into an inexpensive pilot figure. Super Police is apparently a SWAT series of action figures. The paint job is haphazard at best.

However, the molding detail is very good. The front and back do not fit well. I had to scrape off the extra sprue. Three tiny screws in the back helped tighten up the torso. The top of the head required quick-drying modeling putty to smooth the cap.

Acetone wiped the paint right off. I used 400 grit paper to help the paint adhere. Testors enamels work well. I mixed up a 10:1 black wash to make the beard and some minimal weathering.

I cut “police” off of the chest plate and sanded it smooth.

Update: Added titles and wings to chest, hat and shoulder. It's just paper from an injet printer. Used canopy glue and sealed with MicroSet. I used a modification of Glider Pilot wings found online. I chose ORCA on the breastplate since that is the theme of the next build. To be continued...