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Posted by UpNup | Sep 28, 2017 @ 09:38 AM | 2,765 Views
Looks like Arcy Plain is at it again. This time he got his math a little skewed.
Posted by UpNup | Sep 26, 2017 @ 02:01 PM | 3,997 Views
You'd think that your local hobby shop would have the best prices and selections of balsa wood for constructing a new RC plane. But online dealers really have the best prices.

This week I'm on vacation and went to a local hobby shop that was very well equipped. I'm building my first plane from plans and not a kit. Balsa sheets sized 1/32" X 3" X 36" were $2.48 each at the LHS compared to 1/32" X 3" X 24" for 85 cents online at Balsa USA. I know they weren't exactly the same, but that's an amazing price difference. I thought I'd be able to buy my balsa locally for an entire plane, but I had to look online.

After seeking some counsel online at a FB page, here was good advice to pass along:

:: Balsa USA cuts their own balsa, so their prices are lower.

:: Ask your LHS to purchase what you need for your project. You'll still probably get it cheaper than buying individual stick/sheets from him, but he'll get a bit of markup from your business. And your business will help to ensure he's still around for the small stuff when you need it now! [Maybe for some LHS, but not mine--see original post above.]

:: I found that buying bundles from Tower to be the way to go. I've also picked some up from Micheals. I've been buying sheets and cutting my own sticks for a few years now. Even when I build a kit now, I don't throw all the left overs away until after I pull out my stripper and cut a few sticks. [In my test piece pricing, Tower Hobbies wanted $1.64,...Continue Reading
Posted by UpNup | Sep 09, 2017 @ 12:44 PM | 3,549 Views
It was good to add Sport Cub floats to my PZ Sport Cub S2. Yes, this is the red and white foamie, but I covered it in Econokote.

At first I grabbed the wrong rear wire, but located the wire struts that came with the Sport Cub S2. Changed those out and the set-up is correct. The SC S2 just uses the 9 X 6 prop that came with the kit. A sport cub needs to upgrade their prop....Continue Reading