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Posted by UpNup | Jan 09, 2017 @ 04:35 PM | 4,795 Views
My first "real" transmitter is a Spektrum Dx6e. The set-up went smoothly until I was told to "reverse Aux1i" for the Champ S+ on page 11 of the manual. It's one thing for Hobby Zone to advise that, it's another matter to actually find it on the Dx6e.

After setting up the Dx6e for the Champ S+, go to Servo Setup. Then click on "Travel Adjust" at the top heading. That is not intuitive at all, but by clicking on it, you'll find two other buried settings: Sub-Trim and Reverse. When you get to Reverse, you can make Aux1i reversed. This will allow the panic button to work properly.

This was a needle in the haystack that my LBS was patient to point out. Making progress.