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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 27, 2011 @ 11:02 AM | 13,392 Views
Hello Good People!

I am now getting to celebrate the 400,000 mile mark accomplishment of my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE (JT VIN # = made in Japan)!

I am the 2nd owner and purchased it when it had 15,883 miles from a dealer known at that time as World Chevrolet (now Courtesy Chevrolet) in Orlando, Florida.

Here is a picture of the odometer of my 1992 Toyota Camry a few days ago and presently it has 399,963 so, just less than 30 miles to go for the big 400,000!

Yes, I took this picture as I was driving it in a country back road so, you all can see it is still running!

In case anyone is wondering, NO the 2.2 Liter 4-Cylinder Gasoline Unleaded Fuel Engine has never been opened or in other words never has it under gone an Over-Haul of any kind. Only routine Maintenance such as countless Timing Belt change-outs, water pumps, turn-ups consisting of new Ignition Rotor, Distributor Cap, NGK Spark Plugs, Ignition Wires, Seals, etc... Of course Oil changes has been done religiously at nothing over 4,000 miles and using nothing but, natural Oil and no synthetic Oils of any kind.

At 293,098 the original Alternator gave up and it was a lower AMP as this car was assembled in Japan so, I verified if I could use a used Alternator from a USA made car and it has been running with one that puts out more AMPs ever since.

At 335,047 miles the Original Air conditioner compressor was replaced because of worn inner pistons but, it was still working! A brand new compressor and dyer was installed and with A-134 system.

The original items that are still working on this car from factory is the complete Steering Rack and Fuel Pump!!! It is amazing that No leaks has been seen from the Steering rack nor any issues with Fuel Pump within the Fuel tank (I usually do not allow the fuel tank to get too low as the fuel pump gets it's cooling from the fuel itself!!).

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UPDATE: October 28th, 2011 ---> Took pictures while the odometer turned 400,000 miles!!!

A few more miles down the road and stationary for safety!

Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 22, 2011 @ 04:38 PM | 9,199 Views
Hi guys!

Here it is again of me using the capable E-Flite 480 (1020Kv) in yet another model that is pretty heavy and large.

I just had to do it because I like my models light and like being different.

Picked up this nice looking model and most especially light wing loading at HOBBY-TOWN USA in Central Florida and got 10% off plus I will have a $15.00 coupon next time I come back!

I am certainly going to keep my model on the light side and I already have the E-Flite 480 (1020Kv) waiting for it. Yes, I do realize it is half the weight of the recommended E-Flite Power 25 and the Center-Of-Gravity will be paid attention by using some 3-Cell, 3650's that I have lying around.

Here is the E-Flite 480 (1020Kv):

6.7(E-Flite Power 25) - 3.1 (E-Flite 480) = 3.6 oz is the delta weight comparison between the recommended and what I will be using.


Seems like a good power system setup as it provides very good Airspeed and keeping the model light as possible.

This model has a very slick airframe but, lets give it some drag and so, I would estimate a top speed of 65MPH instead of the Calculated.

Just in case anyone doubts the power of the E-Flite 480 (1020Kv) power system then, I would point you all to one RC Model that I still have and fly using this same power system

Right here on the Video you can see a larger and heavier World Models (Airborne-Models is the distributor) P-51D Mustang EP-40.

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