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Posted by twinkle | May 09, 2013 @ 04:43 AM | 34,285 Views
Hi Folks

Since the last Blog I have done a bit more to the trike , I have most of the bits to hand and I am cleaning the second-hand bits up ,

The motors I was given by my neighbour were both " seized " or at least stuck so with the aid of my solarfilm heat gun they became free in 10 minutes of warmth ,
Here are the two engines the enya 19 mkV and the diesel webra record 1.5cc

The Trike brake lever has been remanufactured to cope with dual front brakes
and I have cut out the seat templates

At the weekend we went flying and used the bikes and trailer , with the new slightly smaller wheels (22") the trailer coped with the rough ground and these wheels have pneumatic tyre instead of the original solid ones .

The funmaster had another lipo passed through it as the sun was setting
That was the end of a great day

After 2 really nice days the wind has returned so it's back to building the trike

regards all emma
Posted by twinkle | May 02, 2013 @ 02:24 PM | 34,208 Views
Hi Folks
We are only a couple of days into May and The weather is starting to change
The back holiday weekend is almost upon us and the sun is shining ,

The tadpoles in the pond have hatched and yesterday my neighbour came over to see me , his father in law had passed away ten days ago and they were busy clearing the house and wondered if I would like these:- Holding out a plastic box ,
Inside was an early webra 1.5cc diesel and a enya 19 interesting I thought until I noticed the Model magazines underneath and they were very interesting several 1942- 1944 aeromodeller magazines , including some feature magazines of that period here are 4 of the covers , look at the prices 2/- = 10p by todays money and 3/- = 15p , more interesting was these mags were printed during WWII and apart from a couple of ads in them there was no mention of the war the odd contributer was a F/l I assume a flight lieutenant
and the mags were FULL of free plans what a change from todays mags
the other mention about the war was that balsa wood was scare and rubber even more so ,the Kit prices were about 7/- or 35p less than the price of a mars bar today . These books are over 70 years old and as I read through them the memories of when I was small came back . what a piece of nostalgia

Well apart from that and as I had previously said that I have to many models , I am having a fly year and not a build year so my attention has turned to another project I have always wanted to build .

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