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Posted by twinkle | Dec 21, 2012 @ 10:32 AM | 9,723 Views
Just to wish all RCG users a happy Christmas and a problem free new year

Regards emma
Posted by twinkle | Dec 18, 2012 @ 07:14 AM | 9,807 Views
Well , Hi Folks and a Happy Christmas to you all ,
Looking back over the past year , It has been a busy one and fruitful , This is the first year I have writen the blog entries and I hope you have enjoyed reading them
The Falcons and Jackal/Jeckel projects ( 5 models and 3 models ) have swelled the hanger and the other little projects have increased the size of the fleet to bursting point ) Next year will be a fly fly fly year with little building for myself.
The weather has not been up to much and there has been more building than flying but it has all been fun and now Its time to look forward into the new year and plan the new year . I hope to do a bit more flying and building will be reduced unless I build anything for others as the hanger is full .
Dad passed away ten years ago and whilst he was able enjoyed sitting on the side of a hill or in a field watching model aircraft flying , One year while we were on holiday in Devon we were flying a RF5 diesel powered 72" semi scale glider from the side of a hill having had a flight of 20+ minutes the engine died in the silence that followed you could hear a bunch of farmers on the hill opposite cheer and after another 5 minutes soaring I landed it at my feet to get another hugh cheer from the farmers on the hill . That was one of the moments he never left off recalling to his friends I still have that glider its over 40 years old now and in need of a little tlc and recovering . the front had been...Continue Reading