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Posted by twinkle | Nov 23, 2012 @ 09:21 AM | 9,538 Views
Hi Folks
Looking at my blog it looked as if I have not been doing anything except the Solar Project over the past few months .
Well apart from the Solar project which was interesting we had some time away in the caravan and went cycling and flew toy planes while we were away .

The Baby Falcon was conceived, born and flown, and a few models were renovated as well as some flying .
A busy summer, really the only criticism was the weather, it really was not a good one.
The Baby Falcon is featured in the Falcon thread and I built a camo Spitfire to compliment the pink ones and I am in the process of rebuilding a global hawk which a friend spun in from 30 feet . At 2.4 meters it looks big and the edf screams on 4s I hope to fly it when the weather improves , at the same time , running concurrently I rebuilt my old flying foamy 23" ultimate that have previously flown as a profile model with skymaster mods the model flew well but it did look awful with the rc gear on the outside so a full fat fuselage was build and the wings rebuilt into KFm4 sections with a 6mm core and 3mm steps .
As a bit of relaxation we took the powerboat down to the local lagoon and ran a couple of 3s lipos through it , then I got bored and went flying so here are the past 3 months in photos and the next project on the board

regards all
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