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Posted by cabman1969 | Aug 24, 2013 @ 03:26 AM | 10,486 Views
Heres a pics of my Family of wings....
Posted by cabman1969 | Jul 20, 2013 @ 03:09 AM | 10,890 Views
Well with the recent success of my first wing, the divinity II I'm hooked. To me wings are one of the most enjoyable aircraft to fly as they have no protruding bits such as a fuselage or tail section to break away in a less than perfect meeting with a solid object, (ie..the ground)!! They are a blast to fly and can be as aerobatic or docile as you wish. The are excellent platforms for payloads, cameras, or lights for night flights.

I'v just completed an FPV49 designed by FPVTrond. (search youtube for many of his beautiful videos) I'm super proud of how she's turned out. I will eventually be using the full FPV setup in this wing and have lovingly named her the VIEWFINDER. I've set it up for now with a dummy Boscam HD19 in the nose. (A wooden block version of the cam weighted the same as the original) I've also modified the original design by adding 2 extra layers in the center to allow for a covered battery and electronics tray, and my own wing tip design. The 55amp speedy is neatly tucked away behind the bay with the heatsink exposed for cooling.


Turnigy 3542 1000kv.....(for now!) with 11x6 prop
Turnigy Trust 55amp esc
2 Turnigy Nano Tech 3s 2650 25-50c lipos
2 Corona DS329 MG metal gear servos
Orange RXR610 dsm2 6ch receiver /with orange RXR100 satellite receiver

No Maiden as of yet..... still waiting on the weather to clear!!
Full report to follow soon...

Divinity wing

Posted by cabman1969 | Feb 25, 2013 @ 06:59 AM | 10,493 Views
Here is my newest project, a nice simple foamboard wing. Its my first wing and I gotta say Im hooked on wings now. Many thanks to Apache pilot on rc groups for his design.

Now I'm going FPV....More to come

!!!!!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!, Gave the divinity a facelift, New color scheme..check out the new pics......
Posted by cabman1969 | Oct 01, 2011 @ 12:41 AM | 12,088 Views
I've just recently purchased my DX6I. I love it and I find it very functional for What I fly....BUT It looks like what it is.... A cheap radio!! So I have done a few upgrades to improve its comfort and usability. I will probably add a few more soon

1. I had some black 2mm adhesive neoprene and decided to cover the handgrips on both sides.

2. I also used a carbon fibre decal material to cover the area around the screen and the antenna base section.

3. I didn't like the look of the all chrome switches sticking out everywhere so they were fitted with custom covers made from neoprene.

4. I've now added a power indicator, a green led with a chrome bezel in the center or the...Continue Reading
Posted by cabman1969 | Mar 12, 2011 @ 06:53 PM | 11,352 Views
Well, heres the new version of the Bald Eagle. Almost complete.If you want to read and see more pics of the build you can go to my build log here .

Heres a video after most of the decals are done
Parkzone Micro P51 Bald Eagle Mod (1 min 33 sec)