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Posted by mintie | Jul 24, 2011 @ 05:33 PM | 5,915 Views
The next scale model for my work place.
After the years of using super Cubs ,the PA 28-140 was the next progression to training aircraft within the club.
So number two model was to be one of the PA28-140 aircraft that the club owned. This is being built to the same scale as the Super cub of 1/6th. For me it is a nice handy size to build and there are lots of bits if needed that are within this scale size.
I had a small 3 view of the early model 140 so it was just a matter of drawing up to 1/6 to give scale outlines.
Construction this time was to be all white and blue foam,with the odd bit of balsa and ply where needed.
I have gone back to one of my older building techniques of covering the foam with news paper and tissue. This builds a very strong and light structure.[have built and flown many models using this building technique over the years]
The fuse was cut out of 15 seperate pieces,then all glued back together.Tail plane was cut out of three bits,each wing done in 3 bits.Fin and rudder all out of one piece.
Nose leg hand built as is the mains gear legs.
When all the covering is done a coat of sealer then undercoat.
Next all panel lines will then go on ,more undercoat then top colours.
There will be an interior with pilot and seats...More updates later.
Posted by mintie | Jul 16, 2011 @ 10:25 PM | 5,750 Views
Have been messing with the ultralight again..this time I made a fibregalss nose pod to try .Test flight went perfect no changes at all,flew as before.
It does look different in the air now and I like it.
Changed over to 2.4g TX and RX and that performed excellent as well.
This model is a very good aerial platform and mounted the cam on for the second flight.
The park has no landing strip so had to hand launch no problem, but the landing is a bit hard as the model stops very fast. perhaps a bit hard on the airframe.
Ultralight flight with nose pod fitted. (2 min 9 sec)

ultralight aerial views (3 min 31 sec)
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Posted by mintie | Jul 03, 2011 @ 04:29 AM | 5,963 Views
Yes I have this plane flying,not without a lot of problems at the begining.
All trimmed and flying very nicely now and have completed 19 flights as of today.
I had a few wing issues in the begining, but have now worked through them and got the problem solved.
Pretty happy now.
Next stage is to do some water flying.
All the testing has been hand launch and land on the grass.
Need to take my canoe down to the lake for the water flights as the water is to cold for a swim if needed to go after the plane .winter time here now.