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Posted by mintie | Apr 16, 2011 @ 10:35 PM | 5,910 Views
Some time back a good mate of mine was interested in building a 1/6 size edge 540 T
He drew up some working drawings and asked if I could help with some construction ideas.When I looked at the drawings decided we should build two as I might just have one as well.
So I made up wing templates and did two sets of foam wings,made undercart molds and did two sets of fiberglass legs,and two sets of fiber spats.
He made up two fuse blocks.when I got mine I made up inner templates and cut all the inside out giving me a 10mm walled shell.
The plane will be all fiberglassed skinned. The wing joiner /spar is carbon fiber and fits into a ply box in the fuse and boxes in the wings.
My plane is to be powered by an OS 46 and 5 servos.
The other plane has been shelved and he on to other models, so I have carried on and finding the project very interesting. Basically design as I go along.
Pics show where I am up to and there is a bit of an update log on RC groups.