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Posted by mintie | Aug 14, 2010 @ 06:59 PM | 5,184 Views
test flight of model Ultralight (2 min 54 sec)
As promised I would update the ultralight progess.
Well it flys and It is going to be quite a good model.
The weight shift system on the wing worked really well,flew most of the test flight using that. The rudder is real powerfull and needs toning down a tad,the elevator is very positive just need to get use to only using small imputs. The video was taken using my key cam mounted on an old pair of safety glasses...this system works very well as the cam then follows where you look. BUT when looking up one needs to move the head as well as the eyes as the cam misses the plane. You will see in the mid part of the video I didnt look up enough. This was a test run as well as the flight so will get sorted in time. The video is not editored as I have no way of doing that so this is what took place on the testing.
specs on the model....BW 1700 kv motor with a plush 18 amp ESC
1300 mah3c battery weight shift 1x HXT900 servo
rudder and elevator Dynam servos =to HXT 500.
RX Dynam 5 channel micro.
auw 13.25 oz 376 gms.