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Posted by PeterVRC | Aug 21, 2019 @ 06:41 PM | 3,737 Views
Whilst the TEVO tornado is a FANTASTIC 3D Printer, it is lacking a bit of the features more recent 3D Printers have, plus it needs a lot of 'upgrades' done to make it even better - or maybe, to make truly good in total. Though for sure you could use it just it comes.
Even though I would 'recommend it as a great buy in cost, what you get, and result, there is the Artillery Sidewinder for not a lot more cost but with quite a lot more features of great use. It is the same basic design/type as the TEVO Tornado, just better.

So for a 300x300x400 size 3D printer, look at the Artillery Sidewinder !!

Anycubic Chiron
The Chiron is a 400x400x450 size 3D Printer = BIG !!!!
Whilst the Tornado size is quite large and does pretty well anything you usually would want to, SOME things reach those size limits.
But I had two other main reasons to get the Chiron....

All the new FEATURES on more recent 3D Printers.

Like a TFT TOUCH Screen control panel.
Filament Sensor.
Auto Filament insertion and removal.
Ultrabase heatbed surface.
Dual Z axis motors.
Power system UNDER the unit - not a box beside it.
Automatic Bed Leveling.

And..... after changing the Tornado to a E3DV6 hotend, I could not get the 'part cooling' system - fan and ducting - to work PROPERLY, no matter what I did. This reduces the printing quality - more so on any 'overhangs' and bridging. I spent a lot of time on trying to get it to work, and then decided TIME is money.... and a new bigger Printer, with more features, is of use too... so....

The Chiron is BIG !!! It dwarfs the Tornado!

And unfortunately Anycubic are not quite as 'polished' as TEVO.... and Artillery (Sidewinder) being way above those two also!!
There are some things you have to 'do right' to get it set up properly - more than they outline/claim in the Manual.....
Posted by PeterVRC | Aug 01, 2019 @ 11:47 AM | 5,749 Views
Seeing I was annoyed/disappointed in the Freewing F-18 Hormet, I decided to get the Avios Mig-17.
I sort of wish they had done the Mig-15, so it was a match to my F-86 Sabre..... The Mig-17 is 1/8th scale and so is the FlyFly F-86 Sabre.

A match to the Mig-17 is the F-100 Super Sabre, which I also have but that is 1/10th scale.... quite a bit smaller than it would be next to a Mig-17.
Or an F-4 Phantom is another match-off..... but the FlyFly F-4 that I have is 1/12th scale... an even worse scale mismatch than the F-100 !!

So the Mig-17 has no truly good 'rival' in RC EDF Model scale terms....

Avios based the model off the Black Diamond Jet Team Mig-17... err, one of the two in that Team. They are all but identical, bar their Aircraft ID number.
These are painted in "Arctic Camoflage" which I think looks a bit silly on a Mig (any sub 20 series Mig), so I don't overly like that.
Knowing it is of a true full scale Mig-17 makes it a bit easier to "accept", but I would much rather have a true 'warbird' scheme, from the Vietnam War. And more so a "Iconic" Russian type scheme..... all "Aluminium" with "some color stuff' on it. This would all but have to be a pure Russian one, otherwise a Vietnamese Air Force one.
But I will leave a repaint for the future some time.... I will get it all flying well first. But I EXPECT this will fly great, as these type Migs (15,17,19,21) all do. Plus it is a quite light 90mm jet, so that...Continue Reading