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Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 15, 2018 @ 12:15 AM | 9,233 Views
It just feels like Christmas, so......

After a LONG drawn out yes/no battle over the Freewing F-14 Tomcat I gave in and got one.
I had a valid reason!! It looks great! Oh and another one.... it is BIG. Bigger than anything else I have. And.... it has scale swept wing ability too!
So many good reason..... hehe
Mind you I was also tossing up over the Freewing A-10 Warthog 1700mm, and that only JUST lost out the battle with the F-14. Yet I might get that also later.... (For Xmas??) - but will have to sell my LX 1550mm A-10 first to be fair.

I think the L-39 Albatros 80mm was the "primer" for these, as being 80mm also means it uses the same batteries as these will - these will just use TWO of those each flight. So getting the 'cheaper' single 80mm FIRST meant.......

Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 02, 2018 @ 04:39 AM | 8,173 Views
I was thinking I might need another plane.... another EDF jet....
Hmm, I like the look of that Freewing L-39 Albatros 80mm EDF jet!!! So on the spur of the moment I ordered it from HOBBY PARADISE in China..... and TWO DAYS LATER it arrived from China!! (to Australia!). Incredible....

I had quickly read up on it, to be sure it would be at least 'good' or 'OK'. Everything I could find was positive, thus I just went and did it!
Even though I prefer 'larger' 90mm jets really, I decided to give this slightly smaller 80mm class a try.

The L-39 is the 'latest generation' manufacturing ideas and parts etc. It is just all done SO WELL !! Every aspect of it is done 'properly' and you really can just assemble it and fly, and it is very likely just going to KEEP WORKING.
Well, maybe some servos/electronics could still be not totally trustworthy.....

The painting is excellent, the decals are excellent, the engineering ideas and implementations are excellent, the landing gear setup is excellent.... it is just all so well done!

Assembly took about one hour.....
Painting it fully in WBPU took another hour. The reason for WBPU is many fold:
1) Add a gloss finish
2) Add a small amount of surface strength
3) Slicker... lower drag.
4) Easier to clean!
So using WBPU on ALL foamies is highly recommended!

I am not sure when i will get to fly it as the weather outlook is not good, but it will be ready to fly as of tonight.
Ordered.... sent from China to Australia..... ready to fly on Day 3.... !!!