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Posted by mike912e | May 11, 2019 @ 05:50 PM | 995 Views
I purchased a 2.2 meter wood ARF drone from UncleGeorge here on RCGroups classifieds . I had been watchig it for awhile and when he lowered the price down to $99 I made the purchase . The first Issue I noticed was the over all light grey covering . Not good for overcast days or these 73 year old eyes ! I bumped up the outrunner size to a 60 size . Gets off the ground easily and climbs out with authority . The recommended CG is 70mm from the wings leading edge . It required two 5S 5000 mah LiPos to balance it at that measurement ! The batteries weigh 44 ounces ! I'm going to move the CG point back 1/8" at a time until it slows down and weighs less than it does . I also flew my Mistral ( 120" ) powered sailplane ( scratchbuilt ) . The Mistral and Drone both had their first flights this past Thursday , May 9 . The drone was very fast and the Mistral has a Dutch roll issue which I suspect is caused by two things . Not enough washout in the wingtips and way too much rudder throw , both easily fixed !
I have also been flying my double size Ambroid Jetstream powered sailplane . It was originally an A-1 towline glider from the 1960's . I actually took third place at a freeflight contest in Taft, California in 1977 with it . I upset the purests because I covered the flying sufaces with Monokote ! Anyway , I enlarged the plans to 100 inches and added an outrunner and radio control to the rudder and elevator . It has a lifting stab and undercambered airfoil on the wing which puts the cg at almost 60% of the wing's cord . Like all my planes I take the time to continuously make improvments until I get a great flying plane .