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Posted by TMO | Sep 11, 2013 @ 09:55 AM | 21,777 Views
12 years ago today I lost my best high school friend at the WTC. His name was Peter Kellerman. He was a Cantor Fitzgerald trader. He had a doctors appointment that morning that was rescheduled, and so he arrived at work, early as always.

Each 9/11 is pretty hard for me remembering this, so I'm writing this blog post with tears in my eyes. Please think of Peter and others like him today. I miss him, and for anyone else out there feeling the way I do about somebody they loved who met their fate that day- please accept a big hug from me.

Posted by TMO | Aug 22, 2013 @ 03:43 PM | 23,739 Views
New from ZTW - the Spider Series Multi-Rotor ESCs are just what a multi-rotor heli needs and nothing else! Flashed with SimonK firmware, and outfitted with opto-throttle coupling, they are made for the job. There is no BEC and no need to disable or reprogram anything. Just attach motors, plug the throttle leads into the throttle harness to your controller, calibrate the throttles together and go! Super smooth and linear throttle response, and 600Hz internal refresh rate your controller will love. ZTW's famed firmware stability and reliability will keep you happy, too.

Solid, Reliable, Inexpensive and shipping from the US at Quantum Hobby:
Posted by TMO | Aug 20, 2013 @ 02:08 PM | 22,158 Views
Hi Everybody,

For a long time we tried to figure out how to come up with specially priced combos for airplanes and helicopters to make it easy to upgrade into high quality servos. We discovered it's too difficult to anticipate what people will try so we decided to make it a lot simpler:

Buy any model or combination of Savox servos, 4 or more, at Quantum Hobby, use the coupon code: savox10 , and get 10% off! So if you're outfitting that Slick, T-Rex or whatever with Savox servos, think of us and save 10%. There's no expiration date on the offer- this is how we'll be doing Savox from now on.

Posted by TMO | Jul 05, 2013 @ 11:45 AM | 21,239 Views
Now that summer is well underway, I thought I'd post a quick message about what I'm seeing, and especially, what's cool.

First, the Blade Nano QX is just about the best new product I've seen in awhile. It's a better trainer for an aspiring heli pilot than many of the usual coaxial choices. Rock solid indoors, and can handle quite a bit of breeze. BNF for $69??? you have to have one!! I have all the parts too. If you're a heli hotshot, and you think it may not be enough for you- think again: in agility mode this thing is really really fun. Flips, Rolls, Funnels. Fun. Runs on the 1S 150mah that we all have a bunch of from our UM planes.

Along those lines I have the Helimax 1SQ V Cam in both RTF and TXR. For those accustomed to the 1SQ (an excellent microquad), this version has a cam onboard and LED lights.

In Plane land, the new E-flite C-Ray is a really fun plane for the intermediate to experienced pilot. A flying wing on 2s brushless, it uses a battery in the 400-500mAh range, and all you need is a battery and a receiver to get started- motor, esc and servos are already pre-installed. The servo plugs are the "micro" style, so if you are using a conventional rx, you'll need adapters. Otherwise it's pretty much optimized for the ar6310 receiver.

Also fresh in the store and opening eyes among my experienced pilots is the new E-flite UMX Yak 54. Like the Sbach, this is intended for the experienced pilot, and is an all out aerobat with 3D capability. Lighter and a little more wing than than the Sbach, it flies a bit slower, and is a bit more to my taste, allowing for much more of a 3D flight envelope. The 2s150 stock battery is surprisingly good, but I also like the Hyperion 180 2s.

Have a great summer!

Posted by TMO | Nov 23, 2012 @ 11:15 AM | 22,131 Views
Hey Everybody,
There's been so much cool new stuff at the store:

We've been wringing out the Sbach3D

Everybody loves the NanoCP

The ASK-21 as well!

Anyway, none of this is really news unless you factor in that everything on the Website is 10% off with the following code: "holiday2012". You can't do much better on this stuff anywhere, so check it out fellow RCGroupers.

Quantum Hobby

Happy Thanksgiving,

Posted by TMO | Nov 03, 2012 @ 10:30 AM | 22,566 Views
We just got our power back on and our internet connections back up. Sandy left our area a mess! I'll post pictures and stuff later, but we're open and are resuming normal business hours.
Posted by TMO | Oct 03, 2012 @ 02:01 PM | 22,084 Views
The new PZ Ultra Micro Spitfire Mk IX is here. She's a real looker, and the first of the 1S brick Ultra Micro planes to feature the AS3X gyro. It has the detail and finish of the UM Corsair, but simpler and the new foam seems sturdier. Maiden tonight!!! If you want one, Quantum Hobby (my store) has got 'em: here!

Also, The Blade Nano CP X is a huge hit. Also using the 1S AS3X brick in its heli form, it has a lot of ability in a very small, hard to kill package. Parts are cheap, batteries are cheap. Perfect for an expert looking to have a true nano CP bird, and also perfect for the intermediate pilot, moving up from a coax or a fixed pitch, and needing something that will take the bumps and bruises that go along with the transition to collective pitch. Check it out: here!

The ZTW line of speed controls have been very popular for a long time, and Quantum Hobby is proud to announce that we are now carrying the B-Series controllers from ZTW. We're still going to carry the A Series, but the B-Series has a lot of nice features that are going to make it the choice for many- like adjustable voltage output on the 5A switching BEC and load-variable governor mode for helis just to name two. Check 'em out

Thanks, and enjoy these pictures of my new spitty

Posted by TMO | Apr 03, 2012 @ 03:54 PM | 22,718 Views
Just a heads up, Savox has dropped MAP on several crucial servos for the larger plane and heli crowd, and the drops are significant. These prices are in effect now at Quantum Hobby.

1283SG- $99.99
1232SG- $69.99
1233SG- $69.99
2270SG- $124.99
2271SG- $124.99
2272MG- $119.99

If you're doing a big slick, or a 700 Heli, you might want to check these out!!!

Posted by TMO | Feb 13, 2012 @ 03:06 PM | 22,672 Views
Hi everybody,
Just a quick post about things that might be of interest:

I have the UMX HyperTaxi and UMX GeeBees in Stock.

I'm now a Savox servo dealer, and I have *almost* everything in stock, and within a week or two, I'll have nearly every servo they make. These servos are very impressive, and their HV coreless and BL servos are crazy. Check 'em out.

I have the new KBDD Hot Pink 3D Pro Main Blades for the MCPX and also the hot pink tailblade (which is the same type as the extreme series tail blades). They are hot pink to promote breast cancer awareness, and so as usual, KBDD is out in front in more ways than one.

For the FMA crowd- I am IN STOCK on the new FMA MPA for use with the 10XP, PL6, and PL8 chargers. It supports parallel charging and balancing, does a bunch of other stuff too. The first versions now available support Deans discharge and JST XH balance. You need the appropriate node adapter cable- one type for the 10XP and a different item for the pl6/pl8. Initially I thought this product was a little pricey- but when you see it you will realize that it is actually a very good value for what you get. I consider it miles ahead in terms of convenience and safety of virtually any other similar adapter.

I have PZ Icon A5 PNP's. We flew this baby last week and were very impressed. Wind was howling, water freezing. I'm hoping to get another snowfall to see how it does on the snow.

Want to fly a cool Great Planes electric like the Stearman or...Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Dec 05, 2011 @ 09:58 PM | 23,614 Views

The DX7S is in and it looks real nice. Quite a value when you consider they throw an AR8000 RX in for your trouble! You get the radio, receiver, mem card, charger and a neckstrap to boot! $299 w/ free shipping.

@ mCP X'ers

I have the SPMAS2000LBB servos back in stock (mCP X'ers take note- you know it's been awhile)

I also have all the essential mCP upgrades in stock from Microheli including the Alum/CF frame! Hyperion 250 mCPX cells, plus Hyperion bare cells if you want to roll your own. JST PH connectors in both pigtail and crimp-your-own-2 Cell or 3Cell.

Of course I also have the new mCP X/2, and until I run out, I have a few V1 BNF's and RTF's @ $149/$169 if you want to save a buck, especially if you're going brushless anyway.

Speaking of brushless, I have the full line of AEO RC brushless upgrades for the mCP X including ESC/Converters, C05 and M5 motors, Pinions, Connectors, Frames, etc. I'm working on setting them up on the site and they should be up in a day or two. I just did the ESC/Converter/m5 Motor/ 8T pinion in mine and it is awesome. Even with my tired old stock cells I got a full 5 minutes, and a lot more "giddyup". The Hyperion 250's take it to whole different level. The whole conversion with the stock 200mAh cell came up to 49g AUW RTF. One of my testers did the 9T and it is off the charts. Did I mention I got some 10t pinions?...My tester is a great pilot, and he's like nope, nope, nope......Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Oct 26, 2011 @ 05:07 PM | 24,103 Views
Here's a video I put together about this new beginner heli.
Blade Scout CX RTF Heli Intro & "Beginner" Demo (9 min 5 sec)

Posted by TMO | Oct 20, 2011 @ 12:04 PM | 24,538 Views
Here is a pictorial of my method. I'm sure there are other ways, better and worse, so bear in mind- this is how I do it. It requires basic soldering skills and equipment. Anyone who does this, does so at their own risk. It's not hard, but you have to respect it. It's much easier with decent equipment and materials than without.

The materials involved here are:

A Weller WLC100 soldering station:

Some good Rosin core 60/40 solder like this:


Scissors, Hemostat, Electrical Tape, Packing Tape and a workbench with good light....Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Oct 14, 2011 @ 02:04 PM | 24,007 Views
Hi Everybody!
I was just looking at my profile and I realized that at the end of the month I'll be celebrating 10yrs here on RCG! Dang! Time Flies.

I honor of the occasion I'm having a promotion at my webstore for fellow RCGroupers. Enter the coupon code "tmo10yr" and receive 10% off anything and everything at! Enter it at the checkout screen. The coupon will be active through Oct. 31 and is limited to in-stock items.

Otherwise, I have a couple "extra" specials on clearance that if you add them to the cart, you will see an extra low price, and you can still use the code on top of that! While supplies last....
They are:
pkz3980 UM J-3 Cub bnf
eflh2280 MCX bnf
efl9080 4-Site bnf
efl9050 4-Site pnp
eflh2080 CX3 MD520N bnf
eflh2000 CX3 MD520N rtf

Thanks Everybody
Posted by TMO | Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:08 PM | 24,007 Views
Meet our new "bouncer" for the store. His name is Pepper. He's a Pug/Spaniel mutt. Don't let his cute looks fool you- he's a trained ninja. Between his razor sharp puppy teeth, and lightning fast tongue poised to lick any troublemakers into submission; he's ready to take on anything- especially if you have treats or will scratch his belly.
Posted by TMO | Mar 13, 2011 @ 07:53 PM | 25,776 Views
Hi everybody. I get a promotional post on RCGroups once a week, so here's a quick update with some info about specials I'm having and what's new and/or hot.

If this is the first time you've been to my page- I run Quantum Hobby

As usual, I have all the ultra micro stuff. Since the Mosquito came out, we've all been messing around with 3 blade props. The GWS 5x3 3-Blade, and Reverse Rotation 5x3 3-Blade are perfect alternatives to the stock props, and we've tried them on the UM Beast, UM T-28, and UM Mustang with great results, in addition to replacing the Mossie's props with them. To adapt them to the gearbox output shaft- use this which is neat, easy, and not too heavy. The Beast can use them with the stock prop adapter.

Speaking of Ultra Micro's I have a pretty good selection of what works well as far as batteries: All the important Hyperions under 500mah, The Thunder Power 125 and 160, All the UM E-Flites, etc. Check it out here

Also, I have a BIG shipment of Hyperion 1S 240's coming (which have been hard to keep stocked recently, and they seem to be sold out everywhere). (EDIT- 3/14 am THEY"RE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The NEW MCP X Collective Pitch Flybarless is in. I have the RTF's and BNF's but, they won't last long!! I'm doing free shipping on both versions, so don't be shy- first come first served. I also have complete part support- yes, every part on the helicopter.

I'm running a Lipo sale on packs from Desire Power and EC. Enter coupon...Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Jan 07, 2011 @ 11:46 PM | 25,483 Views
Here is a video of JB testing out the new rig. He makes it look easy. General opinion: good plane. Really likes a premium cell like Hyperion or Thunder Power. Enjoy:

E-Flite UMX Extra 300 3D (5 min 31 sec)

Posted by TMO | Nov 07, 2010 @ 04:03 PM | 26,138 Views
Here are some scenes from an undisclosed location (to protect the innocent).(photo credits: Rick Quirino)

...Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Nov 05, 2010 @ 12:39 PM | 25,764 Views
At my webstore- I have alot of new stuff and I'm running some promotions that I wanted to let the RCGroups community know about:
-For the month of November all Ultra Micro planes from ParkZone or E-Flite will ship with an extra battery and an extra propeller free. When the UMX Beast arrives, it will be included in this promotion, and I should be getting them soon so if you want to pre-order- go ahead.

-I have a new shipment of Hyperion Ultra Micro Batteries- both the 130's and 160's. My 160's are from the new lot and are "known good."

-Desire Power introduced a new Ultra Micro Cell- the 180mah, and the performance is outstanding. It is a 15C battery with the same approximate width and length as the E-Flite 120, but thicker. It's just the ticket for the ultramicro's that have a small battery tray like the P-51. It also has the 5C "V6" charge rate chemistry and I suspect that it is significantly "underrated" as far as discharge C rate. Too thick for an unmodified mSR or mCX2 battery holder, but fine if you have snipped the lower cross pieces and gone the Velcro route.

-Desire Power also has a new, value-priced line of 20C batteries that incorporate their V6 (5C charge rate, high platform voltage, long cycle life) technology. Again, based on my observations they are underrated, and the price is right. For the typical parkflier user, they are more than adequate, and it will be refreshing to many to see such high...Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Oct 11, 2010 @ 10:47 PM | 26,122 Views
We have a local guy up here in swamp yankee territory who really knows how to move the sticks. Let's call him JB. He got one these 3DHS Osirises, Andrew Jesky's mid-size F3A style pattern plane. At 62", it's alot easier to to transport, outfit, and feed watts to than a full size 2 meter.
JB went with a Scorpion 4025-10 juiced up by a Castle ICE100 on 6S5000's. Prop was an APC 15x10 E. A little over 6lbs. Just under 2000 watts or so static.
Anyway, he just sent me some pictures of the maiden and he is very stoked about it. Enjoy
Posted by TMO | Oct 01, 2010 @ 12:14 AM | 25,977 Views
I went up to the Propbusters Field on the 26th to attend Len Buffington's Glider event. Apparently I missed quite a bit of the action from Friday and Saturday, even so, I was pretty much awed by the whole thing and my hat is off to Len and the rest of the Propbusters gang for staging such a great event.

Truthfully, I don't get to see as much "pure glider" stuff as I used to. Down in Texas, I was a member at DEAF, it was pretty much an everyday thing. But since I moved to swamp yankee territory, I either see powered gliders, or handlaunch, or slopers, but not so much the big unpowered stuff.

Anyway, I'm cured. First off, I really enjoyed watching the tow plane do it's job. I don't have any details but it appeared to about a 1/4 scale Pilatus Porter with a 150cc. Just like the feeling I get from watching RC Tugs, it's nice to see a scale plane doing "real work".

Next, I really enjoyed the variety of planes that got up. Truly something for everyone. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking....Continue Reading