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Posted by glocknerhof | May 14, 2019 @ 09:44 PM | 742 Views
Learn to fly with Model Aircrafts with Flight Instructor Marco:

A fresh wind blows into Model Flying School Glocknerhof

After 40 years flight instructor Peter Kircher passed on the responsibility to the next generation. Marco Duregger, our famous pilot for Airtow, is the new flight instructor at the Hotel Glocknerhof. He started in spring 2019. All courses got more flexible, the range of courses got extended to respond individual wishes of the guests.

Part of the new concept: "Model Aircraft Setup and Maiden Flights" and "Private Flight Lessons". 2019 we start with Workshops for Model Aircraft Building, Model Aircraft Building Service and Hobby Model Flying during wintertime. Good luck, Daniel

  • New Modell Flying Course Offer
  • Airtow-Service/Private Flight Lessons
  • Setup & Maiden Flight - We do the first flight with your new aircraft.
  • Workshops: Model Aircraft Building
  • Model Aircraft Building & Repairing Service


Everybody can learn to fly model aeroplanes

Our flying courses are ideal for children, adults and seniors because we have a very individual course design. We recommend that you do not start operating any aircraft until you have taken out a model aircraft public liability insurance policy. Reading
Posted by glocknerhof | Feb 25, 2015 @ 06:30 PM | 3,979 Views
Heli Power Week 2014 - Glocknerhof (3 min 7 sec)

A special week devoted to helicopter pilots: HELI POWER WEEK. All forms and levels of helicopter performance are invited.
Dates: 16 to 23 May 2015

This is a place for colleagues and friends to meet up to talk shop and fly informally, and enjoy sociable and of course also exciting hours on the airfields (Glocknerhof airfield and Amlach airfield) and in the hobby rooms.

After an intensive dayís flying you can finish the evening sociably in the Hotel Bar. You can fly helicopters here all year round.

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Here is a video from Aerotow-Week 2013 in Carinthia, Austria.

Modellflug Seglerschlepp 2013 - Hotel Glocknerhof, Berg im Drautal, AUSTRIA (6 min 34 sec)

This week takes palce every year around 1 May. Since 2013 it is at the new airfield Glocknerhof. Pilots from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium take their gliders and tow aircrafts and travel to Hotel Glocknerhof in Carinthia.

  • Informal flying and talking
  • Have a sociable time on the model aircraft field in one of the best thermal regions in Austria
  • Towing in the mornings and afternoons
  • Hotelís own tow aircrafts with pilot - up to 25 kg can be towed from hotel.
  • Showflying event on 1 May in Lienz
Save next date: 6th Aerotow Week Glocknerhof - April 25 to May 2, 2015

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See you there![/B]