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Posted by navigator2011 | Aug 26, 2013 @ 02:19 PM | 25,739 Views
It seems to me that there is a schism growing within the rc helicopter community. On one hand, there is the well-known group of pilots whom enjoy flying 3D stunts--flips, rolls, inverted, tic tocs, rainbows, piro-flips, and the like. On the other hand, there are the scale pilots whom aspire to make their aircraft and flights look as much as possible like real, fullsize helicopters. Obviously, performing stunts has a certain potential for causing injury to the pilot and anyone nearby, and there can be no doubt that this is fueling the debates in a few recent, popular threads:

Guy hit by 700-size heli at IRCHA 2013

Tragic accident in switzerland

3D is NOT for everyone

It is not difficult to see in these threads that the discussion of scale versus 3D is becoming, somehow, more angry, with lines being drawn. Does flying scale and 3D have to be mutually exclusive? I don't think so. As I posted in the latter thread, scale flying, 3D smack flying, random flying, why not learn and appreciate it all?

Personally, I am a scale pilot; at least, for now. I haven't the skills for stunts, and I am unwilling to crash heli after heli just to learn a particular stunt--that's what the simulator is for. But it was the allure of flying 3D that motivated me to buy my first collective pitch helicopter . . . boy, was I in for a surprise! Consequently, today I am a very good helicopter mechanic and a decent scale pilot. Most of all, I enjoy my flights now that I have stopped...Continue Reading