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Posted by deanz406 | May 05, 2019 @ 03:10 PM | 780 Views
KLBE Museum
Project AT 6 & P51B
I am still acquiring suitable, and pretty scale airplanes for the museum at the airport. I was lucky enough to pick up a pretty nice North American AT6 at an auction and Swap Shop. It is a Seagull model ARF, and was in good condition. I saw that it needed some more scale detailing, some wrinkles ironed out of the covering, and I decided to order a new uncut cowl, and canopy.
The cockpit was bare, so I Googled AT6 cockpit, and found all of the pictures to help me construct the details. The previous owner had epoxied in 2 hardwood rails into the forward cockpit to mount inverted servos for the elevators. I had to cut them out, and patch the floor area. After I got it patched, I painted the whole cockpit dark gray. Looking at the pictures, I saw that there was a cage type structure between the front and rear pilot. I took a 1/2" X 1/2" balsa block, and some wooden dowel rods, and constructed the cage. The next step was to cut out 2 seats from 3/16" balsa. I also saw that the rear pilot had an instrument panel in front of him, and attached to the cage. I cut and shaped the panel from a 1/2" balsa block, painted it black, made up an instrument panel, and painted the seats black. I glued the instruments to the block, and painted the cage with the cockpit gray. I went through my pilot stash, and found 2 Marine pilots, and got the cockpit laid out. I didn't...Continue Reading
Posted by deanz406 | Mar 27, 2019 @ 11:14 AM | 993 Views
In my quest to find suitable warbird models for our local museum, I wanted to add a few more Axis type aircraft to the collection, so that there would be a nice representation from Axis and other countries. I went to the Lebanon, Pa swap meet on Mar 9 and I found a pretty decent Top Flite kit built .60 size Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero W 63" wingspan. I prefer the .60 size planes because they aren't too large or too small, and represent nicely. I also found a ESM ME 109, and a Hangar 9 P47 that I'll assemble and take there later. These planes are in the 1/5- 1/6 scale, and represent nicely.
I decided to start on the Zero 1st as it is fairly old, and had been flown, and had it's share of hangar rash. The covering needed a little ironing, a lot of cleaning, a few patches, and some finishing touches. The cockpit was completely open and unfinished, the landing gear legs were all rusty, and the old K&B 65 was a greasy mess. After getting everything cleaned, I added a balsa floor to the cockpit area, fabbed a pilot seat, and found a suitable pilot. I sanded and wire wheeled the rusty L/G legs, primered and painted them, and reattached the leg covers. The cowl was full of old fuel and oil residue, so I scrubbed it out, and got it ready to install a really nice scale 9 cyl radial into it. I decided to leave the old K&B motor in it, but had to recess it farther back in the motor mount so that the radial motor would fit in the cowl. I cut a piece of threaded rod to extend...Continue Reading
Posted by deanz406 | Dec 04, 2018 @ 04:03 PM | 2,098 Views
I am the committee chairman for our local clubs participation for the small air museum at our local airport. I am trying to add to the planes that they have on display, and am donating models to cover a period from the Wright bros to WW2, to include the Golden Age of the 20's & 30's. So far we have a Fokker DV11, Eindecker, Fairchild F24, Waco YMF, Art Chester Jeep, P51D Mustang, Corsair, Spitfire, DC3, J3 Cub, Ford Flivver, PT17. I'm trying to find a few Axis planes to add to the collection, like a Zero, FW190, Me109, Mig 3, something Italian, French, and anything interesting. I just picked up a Great Planes Junker JU87D1 Stuka, used, and did a refurbish on it. It had a Webra Speed .91 in it, and the cowl was cut up a little, so I was lucky enough to find a RCG member who had a new one that I purchased. The cockpit left a lot to be desired from the factory, so i decided to at least make it at least a little more presentable.
I found the plane that it was semi scaled after, and got a set of decals from Callie Graphics in 1/7th scale which was perfect. I dug out 2 pilots from my stash, copied an instrument panel, and fabricated the machine guns from scrap balsa, dowel rods, and brass tubing. I mounted an old worn out S/T 61 inverted in it, and had a 3 blade prop that was just right for it. It came out pretty decent for a display at the museum, and will present itself as an Axis warplane. A few pics:
Posted by deanz406 | Mar 17, 2016 @ 12:58 AM | 5,360 Views
I picked up this plane at a local swap shop, and liked the basic lines. It kinda reminded me of the old 30's-40's Cessna Airmasters, but the wing configuration isn't tapered like the Airmaster. This was scratch built from plans, so i don't know what the builder had in mind. I was looking for a lazy day flyer to just lumber around on a nice summer day. I did a lot of mods to clean it up, did a lot of work to restore the dinged up fibreglass radial cowl, installed a nice instrument panel, pilot, cut out the N numbers, and cut out the fuselage trim, reminiscent of a 30's style. I made new aluminum landing gear, and still have to paint the wheel pants yet. I took out the old OS 50FSR that was in it, and installed a new HB 61PDP, with pitts muffler. See "My Hangar" for the refurbish & changes i made. I hope to maiden it this spring. Dean
Posted by deanz406 | Jan 27, 2015 @ 03:01 AM | 6,374 Views
I just picked up another "Orphan" from a club member-- lotsa dirt, and wrinkles on it, BUT- Just my kind of project. Cute little Sig Smith Mini Bipe. Starting the "Refurbish". After a good scrubbing, I made a new set of struts, installed servo rails, and got radio gear installed and tested, made new landing gear, changed motor mount, and got HB 40PDP installed. Finally spent 2 days building, fitting, and drilling the 2 pc plastic cowl(PIA!!). I added a few sunrays to the wing and stab. Paint misc parts, and ready for maiden....Continue Reading
Posted by deanz406 | Jan 12, 2015 @ 01:29 AM | 6,494 Views
Just a few pics of the fleet im my hangar. I have almost always been stuck on .60 size planes, but am moving to a little larger to see if I'll like it....Continue Reading