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Posted by CorvetteC5 | Apr 27, 2014 @ 06:55 AM | 7,262 Views
My latest airplane build is the Diddlerod kit by Stevens Aeromodel. Undecided on what motor size/power to install, I found myself flying the UMX Sbach and Hyper Taxi in weather too windy for my 1-cell planes. Enjoyed them enough for me to select a 2-cell flight system for my new Diddlerod for the performance. With that settled upon I could begin the fun part of assembly!

The model is old school designing by Stevens with threads on dating to 2005 and an updated copyright on my kit-plans of 2009. Reminds me of the S-Pou! I assembled in 2010 where the wing ribs do not include tab and slot alignment, and the landing gear wire is held by balsa wood and not plywood. This design was also created for a GWS brushed motor system that may not even be offered anymore.

Changes to the design, for my plane, include a new middle piece for the three pieces to the landing gear support. I changed this to thin plywood and reshaped this wood to accept music wire bent square (instead of triangular) so that the landing gear wire is a friction fit and can be easily removed. I have also added a plywood firewall for a motor mount. I will be installing a Turnigy 1811 brushless motor that is the same size that I use in the UMX Sbach, Hyper Taxi, and GeeBee. Presently I only have a 2900KV winding handy, which at 32 watts will be overkill for the Diddlerod. Eventually I may buy another 2000KV motor (good for 18 watts on 2-cells).

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