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Posted by Nutty_gnome | Aug 29, 2006 @ 05:42 PM | 3,441 Views
As promised, I've taken some photos of my unused Mega 16/15/4 motor. This one is to be traded for a new outrunner. The Mega is a good motor and someday I may wish to return to inrunners. Best wishes to the new owner! -N_G
Posted by Nutty_gnome | Feb 28, 2006 @ 02:22 PM | 3,431 Views
Hi all, thanks for stopping by.

My current interests/projects include:

Mini 3D-capable foamies:
I'm currently flying a Mike Glass ~28 inch Matrix foamy with 3 HS-55s, P-25 ESC, Berg 6, and a 11T 22g Komodo 278 V2 DIY brushlessmotor. 2S1P 1100-1320 lipos provide motivation.

Large (48inch and larger) electric flying wings:
I've flown lots of these. Currently flying a 48 inch E-Thruster that was extensively documented here on RC-Groups. Flying with 9cell 1800 HeCell Nihms, P-35 ESC, 2 HS-81s, and a FMA M5 Receiver. Powered by a 450T and an 8x4 prop which is an excellent combo. Highly recommended on 9 cell Nihms.

Do-it-yourself brushless motors
Currently flying the Komodo 278V2 kit as an 11 turn 22 gauge motor. Wonderful on 2 cells. Thinking of dropping a lil weight and going to the new 257 kit Komodo just put out.

I also have an interest in slimers but am not currently flying one. I am trying to trade one of my Mega 4 turns for a 40 size glow. Would be interested in building the Lanier Profile sport Cub kit. Barring that, some sort of high-wing sport ship would be nice. I've just joined a club that flys mostly glow so I should probably get one.

I am also interested in SAM and vintage models. I like the Spirit of Yesteryear kits and own the Liesure Wasp vintage pylon racer. Haven't built it yet but will someday. Its hard to build from plans when you've gotten used to electric foamies!

Till next time, N_G.