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Posted by McLoop | Oct 08, 2015 @ 10:08 PM | 3,276 Views
Some slow motion eye candy:

TB Sloping (4 min 51 sec)

Posted by McLoop | Jan 20, 2015 @ 09:34 PM | 6,332 Views
A few people have asked me for a write up on this plane, so here it goes....
Walmart, Canadian Tire, Toys R Us, etc etc...all sell a $10. - $14. toy glider called the Airhog Titan. Sold as a backyard play thing there are several videos of people tossing it into a loop and subsequently getting nailed in the back of the head. Yep, you know the one I mean.
It turns out, with a few tweeks, it makes a very good slope soarer. It was the plane that convinced me that sloping was the only way to go. I'm into the fourth version of the plane now, and it keeps getting better.
I'll take you through some history before I get into the current build.

Version 1, V-tail.
Version 1 was constructed by flying buddy, Norm. It is a 2 servo affair running the v-tail. The original tail was replaced by a v-tail configuration, and that's all it took to fly like a charm. One bad habit was it's tip stall tendency. It would tip stall long before going into a traditional stall. Besides that, though, it flew really good and only needed a 10 km wind to stay up. Very stable under proper speed. It would loop very well but rolls....forget-a-bout-it! And it was very very breakable.
The wing tip of this plane is a curious creature. It seems the engineers decided the best way to apply extra lift at the tips, was to add extra airfoil. Not only does the airfoil increase its distance from LE to TE, but the camber is increased as well. Then instead of having some wash out twisted into the wing, the wing actually has wash IN applied. No wonder the plane tip stalls. It has a big fat draggy wingtip!
After having all kinds of fun with version 1, it finally got beat up enough for another build: so, bad tip stall, slow speed and fragile beer cooler foam were the issues to deal with.

More history and pics in the comments below....
Posted by McLoop | Oct 16, 2014 @ 12:18 AM | 4,080 Views
Me and the guys having some slope fun at Transfer Beach on Vancouver Island. Flightline Dave has been re-christened 'Close-Shave Dave' as of the making of this video (should have happened LONG ago!). Also flying is Goldguy, Koala Keith, Almost Norm and me...

Wicked Wing Wars (2 min 46 sec)

Posted by McLoop | Sep 27, 2014 @ 09:17 PM | 4,496 Views
It's a windless day and a good one to write my first blog and let some of you know what sort I am sorted from.
I started flying control line at 8 years old back in the early 60's and was rather good at it, competing and winning in Balloon Busting, Rat Racing and Combat.
Then came girls.

So... fast forward to 1989 just after I moved to Vancouver Island from Banff when I ran into a fellow who introduced me to RC. I flew elevator and rudder gliders powered with 1/2A motors for a summer.
Then came some more girls.

Its now 2014 and I have been back into RC for almost 3 years and I am COMPLETELY ADDICTED to slope soaring. If I can't slope I can sometimes be coerced to fly my 33 inch wingspan, wonderfully overpowered Pitts Special at the park. But, with all due respect to park flyers and scale modelers everywhere, the park pales in comparison...sorry.

It was Goldguy and his accomplice, Norm that got me hooked on the slope. And they did it with a Walmart chuck glider, they did! Yep, the Airhogs Titan. First flight: 3+ hours. I needed a smoke. Then I was up for more.
It was a modified Titan, Norm had chopped off the tail and replaced it with a V-tail. It was very stable except for a slight tip stall on slow turns.
I flew it till it got run over by a car.

Then I made another one. And another one. And it's gone though a fair bit of modifying. It now has a standard tail, almost no sweep, almost no dihedral, added ailerons, sanded down wing tips and a...Continue Reading