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Posted by Rolf D. | May 23, 2013 @ 04:27 PM | 6,618 Views
After a Long time dream from an X-Plane, it was time to get an own one.
So ordered by Yuri, and get a absolutely perfect Bird send.
Because I did not know what I Shell do with Flaps - I ordered and get a Version only with Ailerons in the wings. Also too Show Version Special stiff.
Now itīs time to start build the Baby and to get it into the Air.
Parts I use:

customized Scorpion HK3026 - 1460 KV ( Speederversion )
customized Scorpion HK2524 - 3100 KV ( Pylonversion and as Hotliner with 5.2:1 KPG GB)

Lipo: Rockamp HiQ 3S 2200 mAh two as a 6S Lipo
Folding Prop:
6.25x12.8 ( for Speeder )
16x17 ( for Hotliner )
Fixed: 5.5x7 ( Pylon )

Middlepeace: 32mm
Carbonspinnercap: 32mm

For Elevator: Graupner DES 428 BB MG
Ailerons: Graupner DES 448 BB MG
TX: Jeti R7 2.4 GHZ

First I cut the nose that the HK3026 work inside the Fuse. and a second cut for the Motor with GB.
To mark it exactly I use all time a carpentertool - called scratch gauge.

Name: measurenose.jpg
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Size: 278.6 KB
Description: tool for mark where to cut the nose and marker at nose of fuse.

Name: cutthenose.jpg
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Size: 157.1 KB
Description: fuselage nose cutted

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