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Posted by rabidrue1 | May 16, 2007 @ 06:32 PM | 23,516 Views
Hello one and all;; rabidrue1 is on line finaley// aalthought I work on motervhicles with more memory than I have all the time I am first and formost an R/C modler at somepoint you will have to forgive my misspelings because i an the world champ. misspeler.. If anyone cares I have been in R/C modeling for near all my life . My fatherflew galliping gohest? and reads I grew up on a steady diet of R/Cmodles. Does anybody rember the falcon 56 or the jr. falcon by carl goldberg? those were hot kits whe I started R/C, Ilearned to fly on a flcoh 56 with an os 19 in the nose digit miget radio by world engines 3chanel R/E/M does anybody care that was a good air plane. For those who wonder wyh am I rabidrue1 that would because my partner in this AUTO SHOP says I look like CAPT. kangerroue note spelled wronge .,Anyway need help with delata project Iwant to build this critter..
Posted by rabidrue1 | May 16, 2007 @ 07:05 AM | 23,937 Views
i am in the design phase of a delta wing for 2 hyper flow fans. Does anybody have any real numbers for static thrust, amps. watts ect. Iam looking to build somthiing around 400 sq. in and about 35-40 oz.
The hyperflow manuel gives the following numbers 15.9 oz. thrust 20 amps 221 wats. with a rimfire 24-45-3790 motor on 3 lipo cells.if these numbers are correct light wing loading and low drag should produce a fine flying plane. i could care less if the thing will go vertical as long it will loop from level flight. Please refer to attachments.