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Posted by TweakRacer | Jul 25, 2014 @ 02:54 AM | 6,024 Views
Why is it that the FAA needs to regulate more? Just to keep itself relevant when asking Congress for taxpayer money?
This is ludicrous. The FAA was never intended to regulate model aircraft. What, just because "drones" are accessible and marketed to the mass public, and now it's a "thing" that's in the news? First, those "drones" are not autonomous unmanned vehicles, they are still radio-controlled by a hobbyist. And what's your problem with First Person View radio control flying? Technology, experimentation, hobbyists, and creative minds is what made this nation great. So, what is the FAA doing to foster that? Do you you not understand that law enforcement is frequently and ever more the worst decision makers when it comes to applying common sense discretion to enforcing laws and regulations? Laws and regulations need to be drafted strict enough to restrict or eradicate behavior that we as a society abhor. However, law enforcement and the courts are supposed to have the discretion to inject common sense into the equation. Unfortunately, recent track records of both have shown how dismally uncommon, common sense is.

What's with the new rules?

1. "The aircraft is flown strictly for hobby or recreational use." What does it matter if someone does it for profit, or commercially? Who are you to continue trying to kill off what little economic prosperity is left in our great nation? What's wrong with a sponsored radio control...Continue Reading