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Battle at Kruger (8 min 24 sec)

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The wife and I spent our 4th with my bro-in-law going to Hollyday World in Santa Claus,IN. On the way there we saw someone backyard on the side on the interstate, that was full of these planes and helis that were huge. So after spending the day in Santa Claus we headed back to Springfield,IL. We stopped at the plane house and I took some pictures ( while parked on the interstate) Thats when a guy came to the back porch and motioned me around. So we stopped and fueled up and headed that way.
Upon arriving we were met by a very welcoming man, he introduced himself as Tud. We talked for a good hour about his planes and other stuff. We took a few more pics up close to get a better look at the planes. The amount of detail he puts into these works of art is amazing. All handmade from scratch in his shop. The first one he made was an Apache helicopter. It was made ove 14 years ago and is still looking good. He just put a new coat of paint on it a few months ago. his pride and joy is the 14.5' wingspan A10 Warthog. This thing is a monster, weighs around 600lbs and has working turbines (blades only turn).
I had asked him if he sells them. He said that someone offered him 10,000 for for the A10. That pretty much gave me my answer. Here are some pictures, I did'nt have the digi with me so I had to use a dispos. If your ever traveling down Highway 64 around Elberfeld,IN stop in and see Tud A.K.A Lloyd Krohn. Just be ready for some great conversations and great planes, I mean...Continue Reading


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Heres how to post different smilies in your post. First find a site that has them for free and pick the one you want. Next, there should be a script line that is bounded with this [IMG] on both ends. Now simply copy or cut this and post in the post.
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January 21 2007
21 years in the making the Bears finally are going back to the Super Bowl. Can't wait till Feb 4 to watch them take the championship. I hope they bring the Super Bowl Shuffle back!

LETS GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!
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After building the 50" version of this plane I figuered I would try another one, just a little larger . This one is going to be around 8.5' wing tip to wing tip. This will be my largest plane built and flown, hope to have it ready for the spring time. Fuse is coming along quite nice, IMO. I used 1/2" blue foam for the formers and DOW Pro Board for the skin. The orignal design calls for R/E/T, I am going for full house controls on this one. No idea on power yet as I'm not sure of the AUW, I hope to use a 3s lipo but may have to go with 4s. Will continue to post as it progresses.
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This is my Piper PA-11, built from plans I got off of Backyard flyer. I enlarged plans to 50" ws. Weight right now is 14oz, no battery. Powered by an Esky 400xt. Shes not all the way done, still have to do the windshield and paint her. Hope to maiden this weekend, weather permiting. Its been windy and rainy for last few days here.
Here is link to BYF where plans are available. Any questions please feel free to ask.
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Well after seeing my cuz's Picco Z and reading about them, I decided to get one myself. WOW!! For 30.00 this thing is a blast! This is the first heli I have owned. I can already feel the bug sinking its durty fangs into my neck. Gonna get me a sim for Xmas and practice this winter on it and maybe this summer will have a real heli to fly. The only thing I dont like about the Z is you really can't control it very well, but thats to be expected for a cheap toy from the store. All in all I would recommend getting one to play with in the house, I have 2 cats and one is terrified of it and the other will chase after. Its fun for the whole family!
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Well just got home from a morning of flying, if you can call it that. Perfect day to fly and try new projects out. No wind, clear skys, little chilly but nothing a light jacket could'nt fix. Got the batteries all charged and ready to go. First up the Space shuttle gave it a got firm toss and did a real nice back flip. Broke the rudder and motor came undone. Easy to repair.

Second was the Santa Sleigh tossed it, same thing back flip. Adjusted the CG forward a little same thing again. Gave up on it for the day try again next weekend.

Third was the R17 tossed it went out and was very unstable, kept wanting to rock left and right. Only thing I can think of was either the ridder is to small or the wing to short. Anyone else?

Last but not least was the profile wing thing. First attempt it went out and started to go to the right , could not correct so I just landed it. Next try, after redoing the elevons and it goes otu and dives right into the ground. Its done for.....
All this work and not a darn thing worked, has anybody else had this much trouble when trying out their own creations. Its enough to make a man go insane and say to heck with and stick to Arfs. Just tought I would let anyone whos following these projects know how they went. Here is a vid of my cousins Picco Z, the only thing that flew right today.
Back to the drawing board.
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Well just what I needed is another project, but building is my favorite part.
Heres what I have started this the other nightand forgot to atke pics of the process . Sorry!

Was on Fiddler's site and purchased a few plans and got the stick model of the Renard free. So I started cutting foam. Fairly easy build with the exception of the windshield area. That is the only problem I had. This thing has a weird window setup. I wanted something that I could fly in a small area and that was fairly slow, as I really don't have many parkflyers. Heres the specs on it.

WS : 27"

Chord : 5.75"

Lenght : 19.5"

Weight : as of now its just under 7oz. with servos and battery

Motor : Hacker A20-34S

Esc : Jeti 08

Servos : 2 HS-55's

Battery : Eflite 2S800Mah

Construction is full fuse with formers.All material is FFF except the balse or bamboo. I increased the size of the vert and horz stab a little, this was done to help keep more stable. The wings are three pieces, all of which are made from FFF using the factory fold. An arrow shaft was glued to stiffen and give it an airfoil shape. The LE is fairly snub nose so its not gonna cut through the air and should hopefully keep it slow and steady. Hope to have it down for this weekend, if its not to windy. Been windy for the past few days here. Its not totaly scale but it does look nice IMHO.
More to come as its progresses. Any questions please ask. I have also inclosed the plans I used incase anyone else wants them.
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The space shuttle is still a work in progress. I just love profiles. Simple but effective!
Was watching T.V. and figured I would try to design my own profile jet.
Didn't have much luck with SR-71 (took a break still gonna try it). I wanted something I could use my Hi-max 2015-5400 on. Going to run it DD with a 4.75/4.75 APC.
This is my project "X".
Reminds me of the ship off of the vidieo game "Star Fox". Heres where I'm at right now.

WS: 23"

Lenght: 27.5"

Weight: 1.5 oz. (no elec.)

Servos: HS-55's

Bat: TP 3s1320

Rx: Futaba R156F

ESC: Jeti 012

Motor: Hi-max 2015-5400

Prop: GWS 3X2

I figured since it's a small wing that I would add 2 small Vert. Stabs. in the middle of each wing. This should give me decent stability. Did a couple test glides and the funny thing is... I did'nt even have to add any weight to the nose to balance it. Does this seem to be unusual to anyone?

Here are the pix. Hope to have most of it done tonight and maiden tommarrow (weather permitting). If it flys I will try to post some plans. If I can figure out how to, I dont have CAD so it may a little hard.
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Since the P40 came out good. Still need to finish painting it.I figuered I would try my hand at another.This is kinda new for me as I'm used to either ARF's, someone elses plans, or profiles. I have seen around the site that this has been talked about and even tried. I figured that I too would attempt it.

Heres my idea take a three view of a Space Shuttle and make a plane out of it. Going with 1/2" foam on this as well,seems to be a little easier to work with.IMHO
The wing is going to be a flat sheet much like a profile would have. Just going to round the L.E. this time. It will have a full fuse. Gonna stick with elevons only, I think the rudder would be a little ineffective.? Here are the specs as of now.

Wingspan: 32.5"
Lenght: 46.25"
Height: 20" from bottom of wing to top of V. Stab
Power:Eflite Park 480 O.R.
Battery: Either a 2100
Servos: 2 Futaba Std
Rx: GWS Pico

As of now the wing(bottom) is drawn on the foam, Fuse sides are cut out. Just need to make a top for the fuse and make the rudder. Will post pics as soon as I get the parts made and start building.

Any words of advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Heres the video of the maiden. Sorry for the poor quality, as this was taken with my cell phone.
P-40 Maiden (0 min 42 sec)