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Posted by ocso295 | Jun 01, 2017 @ 07:23 PM | 5,433 Views
Just got a picture of my tie fighter....my brother in law painted it.....this guy is amazing....

Can you see the micro cam and tx inside?
Maiden before paint

The Tie Fighter....maiden flight (1 min 7 sec)

Can't wait to get it back and fly it with fpv gear
Posted by ocso295 | Feb 18, 2017 @ 09:26 AM | 6,380 Views
In the process of making this....having fun...printed off from a set of files on thingiverse....so far so good...I think next time i would print the side motor mount pieces of at 50 or 60% infill...they seem a bit wobbly....should be a maiden coming up soon....trying to figure out how to get these LEDS to flash properly...Also having hard time with the glue....what works best for gluing PETG? Gorilla superglue is working but not sure it's solid enough

Maiden flight
Here is the maiden...this thing does not handle any breeze well.......pretty cool looking.....

It has 2206 2300kv motors...swinging 6" props...stands about 18"tall and 12"x12".......

can't wait for a calm day to fly it FPV around the neighborhood

The Tie Fighter....maiden flight (1 min 7 sec)

Posted by ocso295 | Apr 20, 2016 @ 10:04 PM | 8,107 Views
A pic for someone looking at it...currently set up with spektrum rx...easy to change out.....will carry a gopro....lots of power..motolab FC....spare frames in nylon....
Posted by ocso295 | Oct 19, 2015 @ 08:56 PM | 53,954 Views
Detroit drones is taking off.....they are trying out computer lap timers with transponders....separating classes.....large good group of people.....

I have three 250s now but haven't had much time to put into them to tune them up..have the open pilot nano on one....Dragonfly 32 in another and naze32 in the other....

Just picked up a prusa i3 pro x 3d printer...lots to learn on this thing...

Mounted a pixhawk on my 450 camera quad...going to try and tune it for the follow me....

Got a small wing together with a camera and tx mounted....waiting for a calm day to try it out
Posted by ocso295 | Dec 11, 2014 @ 10:33 PM | 8,823 Views
Can't wait to really get into it. Local group of people have a course set up and a place to race. Got to get some under the goggles time in....run some batteries down....let me know if your interested in joining in...
Posted by ocso295 | Jul 11, 2014 @ 06:24 PM | 8,746 Views
Well, I may have bought the last plane I'll ever buy. Got a penguin v2 with pan and tilt and I think I'm going to love it. Still in the set up stage. Have a Dragon link v2 for a transmitter, installed turnstyle rx antenna on the wing. Got a 1.2 ghz video tx in the nose with a cloverleaf antenna coming out the hole. A rmrc 600 camera on a pan and tilt servo platform. A moxon antenna on my radio tx. A tripod with a lawmate cloverleaf video rx on top and a crosshair antenna below that. Oracle diversity and a set of Goggles. Got to set up switches,balance cog, set up failsafes and she will be ready to go. ....
Posted by ocso295 | Jul 09, 2013 @ 09:59 PM | 8,987 Views
Finally getting into it more...Picked up a HT-FPV quad frame with the following parts...
4 RC Timer BC2836-11 750kv motors refitted with Boca Ceramic Bearings
4 HobbyWing Pentium 18a ESC
4 APC Slow-fly 10 x 4.7 Props
Naze32 FC
2000mah 11.1v battery
Total flying weight is 3 lbs with extra battery for fpv

Just got it hooked up and hovered for a couple minutes.....nice board for default PID's...been struggling with setting up a APM 1 and a KK2.0....

One issue on this is calibrating the esc's......going to have to unhook each one and do them individually....but I am excited.....need to research some layouts for balancing the FPV gear. For now all i have is a 900 mhz tx, ibcrazy antenna and a pinhole camera. think I am going to power it from a separate battery.

Any suggestions on what props and battery configuration to get the most flight time?
Posted by ocso295 | May 02, 2013 @ 12:15 PM | 10,267 Views
Im in my 40's and trying to balance family time and the hobby.....Started out with the AR Drone...flew it and got the bug....I needed to have better control and more options....lol

Now I bought a quad from cczeets on here with GPS, sonar,apm1 and still loving the hobby. Could use some help trying to tune this apm1....any recommendations on a better/ easier flight controller with GPS???

My latest is a MQX I bought from LHS and can't get enough of that. Bought some goggles on Ebay, a micro camera and voltage regulator from ready made rc and 900 mhz gear from Johnny 0464 on here....can't wait to fly my first FPV this weekend. on a mqx.......

Well that is way harder then it would seem...lol...got a little time in...found i was looking out the side of my gear to see the quad and looking at the screen every now and then...takes guts and good judgement....liking it

Besides the two quads I have i might trade the following for
fpv gear/planes....also looking for an A10 warthog...(got one )

4' gas boat with zenoah gas/mix Motor...has awesome paint job but dont have the cover for it so i made something out of plexiglass..still looks okay Listed for sale at $400...sold local...I am going to miss it

Mcpx...going to keep this fun toy

Trex 450se v2 with smaller motor...has the 430 L brushless motor near as I can tell...not an expert.... carrying case and lots of extra parts...sell for $300...sold local

Micro 4 site biplane elec

Pluma biplane...Continue Reading