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Posted by kablake | Jun 27, 2020 @ 10:01 PM | 7,483 Views
Hi All,

Since the last post had some major life events that have slowed me down in the hobby a bit. I moved in May 2019 from eastern PA to just east of the City Of Pittsburgh to be near relatives. That was a move that took a lot of time and effort. Then had thyroid surgery due to cancer in Jan 2020. After that I finally got my shop setup and am working on a Kaos 60. I bought a few OS 61FSR engines on here quite a while ago, rebuilt them and I wanted something to put one in so I am building a Kaos to put it in with a Jett Muffler. Have another Kaos 60 in the queue I plan to try and duplicate the one from the 90s, engine included, a Fox Eagle IV 74. The radio will be a modern FHSS Futaba.

Well, with the move, health and weather issues I have not flown for 18 months, last time was the fall of 2018 before the move. That is until about 3 weeks ago. Took the PT-40 out and it has been quite windy here lately and have not had really good days to fly. But I had to do it. Well very windy day, way to much wind. Once off the ground it went straight up into the sky. It is a trainer after all. Got it down in one piece, about a week later it was much better but still a bit windy, at least got 3 flights in. Been a few weeks since then with no decent days that I have been free. Weather is wacked lately.. Windy and rain today...

I added a few graphics to the Stik, Monokote on Monokote, that one has not flown since the fall of 2018. Hope to get it up soon. But want...Continue Reading
Posted by kablake | May 07, 2019 @ 11:48 AM | 4,383 Views

My name is Kevin.. Feel free to use that. I was in the Hobby starting in 1990. I trained with a PT40 that I built. I had a 40 sized non-ring non-ball bearing engine (can't remember the make) and a 4 channel Futaba radio. I built around 12 planes over the 90's some for a good friend of mine. You can see in the photos a 4-40 Bipe, a 40 Ugly Stik I believe had a 40 sized Fox engine, a F-15 I built for a friend, and a 60 sized Kaos powered by a FOX Eagle IV 74.

Unfortunately I had to leave the Hobby in 1999 and I sold all my RC items. Always thought I would get back into it one of these days. Well I finally did in 2016. I built another PT40 converted to electric. I just finished a Big Stik 60 powered by an OS 91FS SII w/pump. I just got the OS started a few weeks ago and it started right up and I am in the process of breaking it in.. I had brain surgery in March 2017 that slowed me down a bit but am doing just fine now...

Over the 2 plus years I have been back I have spent a lot of time here on this website and have gotten much help on many issues that have changed over the years. I have also purchased quite a bit of items and 99.99% has been very good..

I bought the Big Stik here, a 40 sized Stik, I have purchased a Top Flight P51 and F4U Gold, 2 Kaos 60s, 2 Kaos 40s, (yeah I love the Kaos), a Sig Kougar, a Great Planes F-15 and I believe maybe one or 2 more kits. I have also purchased about 20 engines, about 1/2 NIB!!

This is a bit dated, but I am glad to be back in the Hobby!!