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Posted by Taxus812 | Jan 18, 2020 @ 08:00 PM | 13,914 Views
My very first RC airplane was a Super chipmunk ARF. I remember having save money and walked into a Hobby shop in long meadow MA in 1989. I was a young kid, had no idea what I needed and unfortunately the shop was happy to load me up and send me on my way. Obviously it was not a good first plane and I had no chance in hell of being successful. About the most I ever got to do with it was taxi around the high school football fields. Fortunately for me A member of Hamden County Radio Control club of South Hadley Ma found me and helped me get on the right track. So I built a PT40 (I did a horrible job but it flew) gutted the chipmunk and learned to fly. The chipmunk got put in the rafters. I started out in life and it and just it disappeared over time never to be flown.

Fast forward to December 2019. I was telling my wife about the plane I never flew and always wanted to. During the discussion I said it may be cool to find a Carl Goldberg Super Chipmunk Kit because well, I have a bit more experience now . How cool would it to be able to get a Chipmunk and fly it right. I also said they are getting harder and harder to find now that they were no longer in production. Well the little turd, she got with a buddy of mine and found one. I knew she was hunting but I thought she was unsuccessful. She gave it to me for a Christmas gift.

The kit was complete and in super shape. The kit it was Die Cut and I have some of the forms dating to 1989. I checked with the AMA...Continue Reading
Posted by Taxus812 | Aug 10, 2018 @ 08:02 PM | 14,140 Views
I am building a Orion-EC from Art Hobby with my 15 year old daughter. She wanted a sailplane to slow down but think about what the next move is. This is my first sailplane (I have been flying for years just powered)

I emailed Andre of Art Hobby and got a feel for a few floaters from them.
In 2-meter class the best floater in this group is the Fidelity 2M

You should also look into 2.5-2.8-meter class:
Endura-E 2.5M
Orion-EC/EV 2.5M
Adventure-E 2.8M
All mentioned above electro gliders will meet our requirements
Still needed some help and It was recommended I just call him. He was extremely personable and he recommended the Orion-EC built with ailerons. I met a lot of great people and got a lot of great information here on the sailplane forum. We decided to make a build log of the Orion.

A note about this blog. I make mistakes and lots of them. I still share them so other can see what I did. I cant say my fix is the best solution but often people jump in and help me out.

I plan to follow the recommended build order
  1. Finish both wing tips
  2. Glue together wing center panels and laminate the joint.
  3. Fiberglass wing center and outer joint panels
  4. Fiberglass the wingtips
  5. Paint the wing (including personal touches) to its final stage and put the wing aside to cure the paint
  6. Assemble and paint the glider tail
  7. Assemble fuselage with tail, install pushrods, radio gear and
...Continue Reading
Posted by Taxus812 | Jan 04, 2016 @ 07:34 PM | 17,553 Views
Over the summer I came across an old 1970's Topflite S.E.5a kit designed by Dave Platt and snatched it up.

My plan is to build it as electric. This was a hard choice for me because I almost wanted to do a time capsule build. It was really on the fence about this.

In the end I decided to go electric because I can build a motor mount that just drops into the existing maple motor mount rails. (If I want to go Nitro later I can then convert it back. )

I also plan to modify the ailerons to use two wing servos instead of just one servo in the center of the bottom wing.

This is my third kit I have built (first was the arrowmaster). My first two kits were laser cut kits. This is my first die cut and I have to say it is a huge difference. There are a lot of rough edges to say the least (and I understand this was a better kit than many).

My purpose is to blog all the challenges I encounter while building as well as keep a record of the build. I am learning and sometime I may be just doing it wrong or the long way. Thats ok I'll try an post my mistakes how I corrected them. I dont want to just show all the perfect stuff.

Feel free to ask questions or provide tips if you see im struggling with a part.

My scale level is what you can see from 100 feet.

Project Goals
  • Put together a build with flying wires (why I bought this model).
  • Dabble with scale scale features and details. (not to much, I'm not tooled for it).
  • Build a good flying, durable model I want to fly every weekend. (also why not to much detail)
  • Convert this model to electric and document how I did it so others can see what they need to do.
  • Be able to convert back to fuel if desired.
  • Keep it close to a time capsule build (build a very recognizable 1970's TopFlite S.E.5a)

Modifications from original kit.
  1. Electric Conversion
  2. Built up rudder and vertical stabilizer

Well hope you enjoy it.
Posted by Taxus812 | Nov 27, 2014 @ 04:37 PM | 9,480 Views
I start work on a 1/2 size Orion with my 11 year old son January 1.
Posted by Taxus812 | Sep 11, 2014 @ 10:42 AM | 31,661 Views
I decided to try my hand at building. It is the first build in 20 years and only my third ever. There are other build threads on this aircraft. Mine is from the point of view of a novice builder. I may or may not use glues right. I have to discover how to clamp and pin things etc. I will share what I learn as I go. Please if you have a good tip go ahead and share.

I selected the ArrowMaster because I wanted a biplane that built well. Model Aviation News has a build along as well. I also have the benefit of having that author in my local club . This gave the benefit of seeing his build and gleaning the "what I would have done different ...."

I decided I would document my build with the changes and lessons learned. Remember this is only my third build the last being over 25 years ago. (Surprising similar budget )

Well the kit is here. I have a building board and I hope I am ready for the build I am going to do a few quick posts to catch up to where I am. I will share pictures and posts about things I find with the ArrowMaster build and building in general.

I ask a lot of questions (I think to the point of being a pain in the ass sometimes) but I try to suck in information wherever I can. I appreciate Rick and other modelers taking the time to answer them all. As I see areas of challenge I will be posting in the regular forums looking for solutions.
Posted by Taxus812 | Aug 30, 2014 @ 06:56 AM | 9,468 Views
This is my First Blog since really discovering this site. I have been in the hobby since 1994. I flew for a few years but left until 2010 when my father passed away. Needing an outlet to get through that time, I rediscovered RC aircraft. This is all because of my wife nudging me to purchase a horribly beat up Cub to restore. I give her thanks for the nudge every time I fly or work on the aircraft.

I am also a retired Msgt from the 104th Fighter Wing (now Alert F-15's). For the first 10 years I was an A-10 Crew Chief (Hog Keeper) where worked in the phase docs, non-powered age, then on the flight line . I later transferred to Comm but my heart never left the line. I decided to retire when they converted to F-15's and downsize my section. I had 20 years in and the A-10 was still my bird. I thought that was a good time to go (later regretted that)

I love aviation. I live near a major airport and adore the sounds and smells of the aircraft around me. It never gets old.

I have been discovering the online sites and see what a treasure they are of information. So much more than when I first started.

I also uploaded a few military pictures that I like.