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Posted by EngineerX | Mar 31, 2014 @ 04:24 AM | 31,499 Views
Re-gluing magnets at bottom of 2nd post

I recently took advantage of a T-Motor sale posted by member posted by member Spare $35 per motor I was compelled to buy them. I thought I could use them with a 5S battery and 6" props.

I'm going to try and run these T-Motors 1200KV with a 5S LiPo
Why? Higher voltage=Lower current to achieve same prop speed so theoretically you can fly drawing less amps from the battery. The goal is to increase flight times and hopefully maintain the flying characteristics mini H-quads are expected to have. A long-flying piglet would not be fun

How would it fly longer? Well, check out the current draw.
MT2206 5S 6x3x3 is drawing 3A with 355g of thrust
SS2204 3S 5x3x3 is drawing about 3A with 200g of thrust

670g max thrust @6.8A? Yes! 5S does it. Compare that to SS2204's 490g @9.6A.

Hence, higher voltage = less current draw. There is of course the added weight of the extra 2 cells for a 5S battery. A smaller capacity battery that still provides longer flights can be used to solve that issue. I'll start at around 1300mAh and see how it goes.

I'll post here once I get the 5S setup flying. It'll probably take me a few weeks as I still have to order 5S ESC's and find some time to work on the quad. There's always something that takes time away from fun time... Just hope this 5S experiment works in the mini H-Quad.

I tested the MT2206 1200kv with 5S and 4S LiPos and luckily nothing blew up in my face. Tiger Motors sure are...Continue Reading