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Posted by TheOne420 | May 17, 2013 @ 12:43 PM | 14,572 Views
Well I thought I would add some pics of the work I have been doing on a few difrent types of frames.
let me know what you think

im gonna start with my Y6 and tricopter design any ideas are welcome

front motor span is 240mm motor to motor and 280mm from front motor tor ear motor it will use 8" props

second is my FPV designs wood for now but I will most likely look into getting these cut in g10 also.
the larger frame for F450 arms is 571mm motor to motor diagonally and approx. 20" wide and long.
the Smaller frame will use the F330 arms and is 430mm motor to motor diagonally and 303.5mm(approx. 12") wide and long
Posted by TheOne420 | May 06, 2013 @ 07:04 PM | 10,111 Views
only issue was it changed the front of the frame for some reason.So as you can see in the first one side is red and one side white instead of the front and back being different you can see I had a little trouble at first getting used to the orientation but by the first dumb mistake(double flip bounce throttle into the ground from 6ft ) I took it out and did much better as you can see by the video. after the second crash(normal low loop crash just off cam) I flew it one more time and I pushed the camera button on the wingmanHD camera and not the record button so no video of the third flight. and of course it was the best flying I did cause I got used to the new color orientation.
so after all was said and done breaking 2 carbon fiber props is all that went wrong and thet is only $10 which isn't bad for testing out those aggressive rates for the first time.

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